Summer days

Power of place 2

An Old Brown Couch


“Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is relax.”

Mark Black


Sometimes something so simple can be the best thing. My couch in my living room is the ultimate place where I can feel relaxed and not have a worry. My couch always is there if I need to take a quick break in the day. Everyday cannot always be a good day. Sometimes you have a day that is troublesome or not a great day, and when you come home you want to come home to a comfortable place. The couch in my living room welcomes me and helps me calm down and relax. Relaxing is important for all humans and it is necessary that everybody gets the right amount of rest. For me, without my couch my rest would deteriorate and I would be a lot more tired in school. I do everything on this couch. I watch movies and tv shows. I play video games and hang out on the couch, and bets of I can rest and be alone by myself. Too many, a couch might just be like any other piece of furniture, but to me, my couch is super important to me and my relaxation. That old brown couch is something special to me.


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