Money Doesn’t buy happiness

Why I enjoy trips more than expensive objects

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I am wealthy, let’s face facts here, I go to fenn, have been to 27 countries, and live in Concord, three things, of which only one would make me wealthy, but the thing is, I don’t feel wealthy. Money doesn’t buy happiness, it never has, I enjoy my life less than someone who is significantly poorer than me, and that proves that money doesn’t buy happiness. In my travels, I’ve discovered that experiences are better than objects, I have a $1000 gaming desktop in my room, which is Pretty large, with a carpet I bough in Morocco on the floor. That pretty much shows that I have many expensive objects, but I enjoy none of them more than travelling. I could be the richest man in the world, but would be unhappy if I couldn’t go on trips. Experiences are just so much more fulfilling and enjoyable than a nice chair, or a play station. Traveling to the Caribbean, or Africa, these experiences I have thanks to my parents, and these experiences are what I enjoy in life

Class Reflection




During class on Tuesday, pretty much all that I did was look up images for my video, I found 15, which I deemed a good amount, then I began to look into finding video and audio clips. I’m worried about how I’m actually going to make the movie, since I don’t really know how to make a movie in the first place, but I thought that when I did the book movie with Connor, and that ended up being fine.

All Quiet On The Western Front Metacognition


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“We are the lost Generation”



I am writing this, having finished All Quiet on The Western Front, which is now one of my favorite books ever, to because I enjoyed it, but because it is a good book. I found that it’s final chapter was the most moving that I have ever read, even more than 1984’s Paul’s death isn’t just depressing, it is sort of satisfying that he died, since he had lost all of his comrades, who were all he had. I have some sympathy for his family, but he wouldn’t have been happy if he had survived the war, which he died a few days before the end of.  The strongest theme the entire book is by far comradeship, others are prominent, but Paul has such a strong bond with his comrades, that it immediately stands out. At the beginning of the war, Paul and his classmantes are naive children, who have yet to grow up, and have just finished school. But as soon as they enter the war, the older generations and the war rob that childhood from them. By the time the story picks up, Paul has been fighting for over a year, and is happy, because he has his friends, but as soon as he goes on leave, that changes, he no longer fits in where he used to, his homme is now the front. His friends and the front are all he has, and as they die and are killed off, and as the war takes a turn for the worst, Paul becomes less happy. In the last chapter, Kat dies, and Pal has nothing left. His death made his suffering after the war not happen. That is why I am glad he died.