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Music in My Life

Music in my Life By Elliot J


“Music Makes the People Come Together”



Music in my life



Music has been a part of Human culture for thousands of years, it is one of the few things that, no matter your background or where you are from, you know and are familiar with. Music has been a part of my life for as long as I remember, (I can guarantee that it’ll be the same for my classmates) but music in my life has mostly been a way to release stress or to pass time. I normally listen to music during study halls, while I’m cooking, or when I feel like it, and it’s been this way for awhile. But songs have a deeper purpose, and this happened upon me while I was traveling through the Sahara desert in Morocco. I spent an afternoon with a group of nomads, and, although nearly six years have passed since that day, I remember the music. All of the humming, singing and dancing, with people who only had a few tents, shocked me. I had always though of people in extreme poverty in Africa as being the sad-looking people asking fro donations that we see in the media. But instead they sang and smiled at us, and had us sit down for tea, even though having tea was a very rare and expensive occasion for them. I think of the singing and dancing when I see the dozens of tea bags that we have in our cabinet. Which is more than the nomads had in a years supply, and we could buy it in an instant. So in conclusion music in my life has been a way to bridge culture gaps and connect with others. So when I think of music, I think of  Aïcha by Khaled, and warm tea in a tent.


Elliot J