Johnson Belknap Essay
A Tough Decision

The Power of Place



Memories and learning

image from”Allez, Allez, Allez Elliot!”

-Jean the Ski instructor

Most people have a place that holds a special spot in their heart. For me that place is Verbier. I lived in Switzerland for Five years, and in that time spent most of my weekends in the winter skiing in the alps. There was a town, Verbier, that was very special to me. It was where I learned to ski. It started when I moved to Switzerland with my family in kindergarten, I went to Verbier an learned the basics in Kindergarden in 1st grade. I liked Verbier at the beginning, but it wasn’t until my last year in Switzerland that it truly became as important to me as it is now. The last Winter in Switzerland we rented a chalet and, every Friday we would drive up to Verbier, have dinner, and ski the next day. It was this Winter that I truly became a good skier, and where I truly care to love Verbier. Most Weekends we would actually stay Saturday night, and leave in Sunday, normally after adorning Ski. It was this experience, in a lovely chalet in an awe inducing town high up in the alps in Switzerland, that I decided that Verbier was my favorite place in the world.