The Oddyssey Books 5 and 6

The Halloween Thieves

The Thieves

(A True Story)


image from suspects have robbed Concord’s richest neighborhood of all of it’s Halloween candy, four have stolen things, and the other two have been present during the crimes.”

-Concord news reporter



It was a halloween night, and all the bats were out, the moon hung high in the sky. An innocent house was standing, only the front entrance was lit, a bowl of candy at the door. Suddenly six eight graders came out of the mist, stalking toward the bowl as a pack of tic-tacs, a pineapple, an archeologist, the grim reaper, and a cowboy. The bowl said take one, but its power was not enough to stop them. They reached the bowl and all but two rushed toward the candy, taking multiple full size candies, the pineapple taking an insane amount, unthinkable, the tragedy and horror of the situation could be felt in the air. That night you could hear the cries of Andrew Pesce echoing throughout the night, the truly abhorrent act that took place shaking the world. One of the two who didn’t come at the bowl first, the archeologist, only took one, but that would not quell the rush of anger that would result from the groups actions. However, one person, with a sense of justice and a quality of righteousness beyond all others, the tic-tac, decided to take no candy, doing something to quell the soon to come wrath of Andre Pesce. The group left that house a broken mess, only three starbursts left, barely anything to the house’s name. The group moved on, and an unspoken promise was made by the house, one stating that revenge would come to those who caused this travesty.


The group would continue going house to house, the archeologist and tic-tacs were maintaining a sense of fairness, listening to the rules, but alas the others, oh the others, they were beyond all hope. More houses were devastated, the pineapple the worst offender of them all. The houses cried out in pain, their candy and halloween spirit quenched with the swift knife that was despair, despair that no more candy could be given out that halloween night. Oh the despair was tangible, permeating the air, but that horrid, despicable, devilish group continued on, no care for the repercussions of their actions, only their greed in their minds. That is, all except the archeologist and the tic-tac, who were horrified by the actions of their peers, fearing that all the despair they had caused would summon the devil himself. They tried to condemn the actions of their peers, begging them to stop, but to no avail, for who could stop those with true maliciousness in their hearts with only moral claims. As they reached the last house they did the same as they did to others, they stole, they destroyed, they ruined a day for festivities. At this point the devil himself would be afraid, terrified, and horrified of people who could commit such actions to those around them, even he wouldn’t go that far. 


As the group returned to their starting location—a house that could contain the evils these people had—they laughed with glee over the evil they had caused. They cackled maniacally, celebrating their hoard of sweets and the tragedy they had caused that night, the height seemingly reaching the height of the tic-tac box. The wickedness in their hearts could not be measured with simple numbers, only concepts could approach that limit, for what could equate to unrelenting, unlimited pure evil. They chomped down on their sweet treats, the taste bringing them satisfaction, the taste and the despair held within the perfect combination for them. The pile was going quickly, but it would stay, as they do understand the importance of saving for the future, despite their intense evil. They cackled into the night as they headed home, a successful night for them, permeated with sadness and evil thoughts, to be acted upon next year.


The next day they hid their wickedness as they headed back to school, almost getting away with it. The archeologist was asked by Andrew Pesce whether he was one of the ones who took the candy, he replied with a simple “no, it was not me, I took a normal amount.” The knight in shining armor that was Andrew Pesce understood, and soon interrogated the other suspects, all but the tic-tac who remained un identified, but the pineapple was terrified most of all, for who could escape from the absolute justice of Andrew Pesce. He tried to deny it, but the truth was found out, as who could possibly fool Andrew Pesce. All the culprits were found, with the exception of the tic-tacs, and the air settled just a little bit, knowing that their actions wouldn’t go completely unknown. 


The tragedy that one night was nigh unlimited, but the world would carry on, knowing justice had been served by the great hero, Andre Pesce.