WW Fenn Reflection




For my WW Fenn speech, I chose scratch and dent dreams. In my opinion it is a great poem that uses many great metaphors to get its point across. The author does a great job of weaving the words together in a smooth way with wordplay and a strong finish. Also, this poem has won awards in slam poem competitions. When I first heard this poem about three years ago, I thought it was incredible. I was sitting in all school meeting during the WW fenn semi finals listening to a 9th graders recite it. It wasn’t just the poem for me. It was also the delivery of it. It was very blunt and encouraging. The poem is about all the dreams you gave up on growing up, and saying that you still can acheive them through dedication and work. I especially like the part with the kids packing up there things because someone told them their dream would never work, because dreams can be acheived through hard work and a little encouragement. The way it uses metaphors as shops and locations and putting things into a box shows the power of hard work and that it can’t be done in a day. I also love how he talks about how he’s, “not telling you how to make a profit, because that’s where many ideas go wrong.” He’s talking about sticking to your ideas and dreams and not doing it any other way for money. If you have a dream, you pursue it because you love it and are passionate about it. You don’t do it for money.

Approaching New Experiences




How being positive goes a long way


“Work hard, be kind, and amazing things will happen.” Conan O'Brien

With growing up, you gain new relationships and new experiences. You may not like all of them, but it’s your attitude that decides that. Since last fall, I’ve been going to a sneaker convention called Boston got Sole, where I’ve met tons of new people. Walking around the convention I have seen and learned new things. The day starts around 1:30 and there are tons of tables with clothing and sneakers on them and music blaring from the speakers. On my first visit I didn’t bring any sneakers to sell but on my 4th time I brought two pairs with me. Some people will be negative and just ask quickly and not move from their price point instead of talking about the sneaker first. I’ve learned that if you try to make a relationship with the vendor, they’ll be more inclined to lower their price or trade. In October I came with two sneakers, Jordan 12s and Supreme Nike SBs. I came with the intention to trade sneakers and I did because I kept a positive attitude. At the convention many people try to buy sneakers at a lower price from amateur sellers who don’t know the right value and will swindle them. It is best going into the convention with a knowledge of the shoe, the quality, and the resale price. I was wearing shoes on that I could’ve easily sold for more money then I bought them for, but I would rather have the shoes and love them then just selling them off. There is always one person at the convention who’s always nice and is willing to negotiate a price or trade. I usually go here first because I know I can get a good price. I went to one of these tables and bought the Lucky Charms Kyrie 4s for 130 dollars which wasgrest because they were only slightly used and usually go for more. At the end of the convention I had bought one shoe and hadn’t sold the other two. It must’ve been fate when I saw the Jordan 11 Low Closing Ceremonies in my size at the door. I talked to the seller for two minutes and traded my Jordan 12s. This shows that trying to make a relationship really goes a long way. If I hadn’t been nice, I would’ve wasted all my money on one shoe. If I hadn’t tried to make a relationship with the vendors, I couldn’t have made a negotiation. Because I was nice and went through the convention with a good approach, I left being happy with how the day went.

Happiness vs. Wisdom




Would I rather be happy yet ignorant, or wise? Happiness is an attribute that everyone is trying to attract. Life feels like nothing without happiness, while wisdom seems to come at an older age. I would rather be happy yet ignorant than be wise. If you have an optimistic approach on life, everything is figured out. Even when faced with a loss, you can put a positive spin on it. If I do poorly on a test, I can figure out how to study better, or see my mistakes. If you are young and are “Wise”, no one will take you seriously. Wisdom isn’t something that you can immediately have, neither is happiness. They both have to be worked for. I would rather work for happiness, so my family can have happiness. Wisdom seems like more of a self goal, while happiness can be spread. Happiness seems like a better goal. Not only for me, but in the grand scheme of things, happiness seems like it would be better in the long term. Wisdom is a great trait to have, but overall happiness is better for long term success.

The Power of Collective Tradition

The Joy Christmas Brings




Every Culture has their own incredible traditions. One tradition that is almost universal, is Christmas. In my house, Christmas is a joyous occasion which we celebrate the same way every year. From going to church late at night to eating dinner with friends and family, Christmas truly is a great time. One part of the tradition that  is especially strong is Christmas morning. We go downstairs at around 9:00 to see if Santa ate our cookies and drank our Egg Nog. Then we move on to the tree. Many people think that Christmas is just about the presents, and while that may be an aspect of it, being with family is the best part. We always sit around the tree, taking turns opening our presents and relaxing. We also go up to our grandparents house and hang out with are cousins. My grandma always makes the best Coffee cake, which we eat around her table while having good talks.  When I was younger I liked getting toys for Christmas and playing with them throughout the day. Nowadays I am happy getting less presents, because I get more time with my family. Even though what I wanted has changed, my view in Christmas has not. Christmas is a great time to be with family, whether it be drinking Egg Nog with my dad or helping to make the dessert with my sister. All of these things revolve around the tree.  Many great things have happened around that tree. That tree was where we found out we were getting our dog.  That tree was where I got my first Mickey Mouse shirt, which started my love for Disney. That tree was where I hung out with all of my family putting ornaments on it and reminiscing about past Christmases. Many of us want objects, but the real Christmas gifts are the traditions we have.  A lot of people talk about what they want for Christmas without appreciating what they have. 

A Childs Christmas in Wales Literary Analysis





“The power of imagination makes us infinite.”

John Muir



It was Christmas Day in the English country of Wales. Yet there were hippos and Jaguars and hunters. The piece A Child’s Christmas in Wales shows the power of imagination by using Essential Detail and Image in action. No other piece of literature has shown so much description in such a short story. Dylan Thomas shows his incredible writing skill so well in this story with Essential detail and Image  in Action.



Imagination plays a big role in any child’s life. Imagination is especially present in A Child’s Christmas in Wales, by Dylan Thomas, as we get a very detailed look into the narrators memories mixed with fantasy. The narrator details his Christmas Day in a way like no other. From the hippos to the eggshell voice on the carols, it truly is a Christmas like no other.   It’s at the beginning of the piece when the narrators imagination first comes in.  The narrator and his friend, Jim liken themselves to hunters looking for Mrs Prothero’s cats to throw snowballs at; but the cats never come. 



“We were so still, Eskimo-footed arctic marksmen in the muffling silence of the eternal snows--eternal, ever since Wednesday--that we never heard Mrs. Prothero's first cry from her igloo at the bottom of the garden. Or, if we heard it at all, it was, to us, like the far-off challenge of our enemy and prey, the neighbor's polar cat. But soon the voice grew louder.”



The narrator and Jim really show the beauty of imagination, as a child. Although they are about to attack an animal with snowballs, they make it seem like they’re trapping a jaguar in the arctic. They show the beauty of being young throughout the story and being whatever they want to be if just for a couple of minutes. In this story Dylan Thomas explains the children’s imaginations with great detail and makes it seem like we’re there.




“There were the Useful Presents: engulfing mufflers of the old coach days, and mittens made for giant sloths; zebra scarfs of a substance like silky gum that could be tug-o'-warred down to the galoshes; blinding tam-o'-shanters like patchwork tea cozies and bunny-suited busbies and balaclavas for victims of head-shrinking tribes; from aunts who always wore wool next to the skin there were mustached and rasping vests that made you wonder why the aunts had any skin left at all; and once I had a little crocheted nose bag from an aunt now, alas, no longer whinnying with us. And pictureless books in which small boys, though warned with quotations not to, would skate on Farmer Giles' pond and did and drowned; and books that told me everything about the wasp, except why.”





Thomas’s use of Essential Detail shows off his skill as a writer. In this quote he explains all of the useful gifts from his childhood.  Although mittens may seem like a not great Christmas gift, he describes them in a way of which someone would use if they were going to Disney World.The best thing he describes is the book though. His detail when describing the “Pictureless Books”, makes the reader imagine a story inside a story which is both confusing and great.



His use of Image in Action is so insane as well. A lot of stories make us feel like we can empathize with what is happening to the characters, but through Thomas’s writing in A Child’s Christmas  makes it seem like we are with the characters. His imagery when describing himself hunting is incredible, especially when he says “Jim and I, fur-capped and moccasined trappers from Hudson Bay, off Mumbles Road, would hurl our deadly snowballs at the green of their eyes.” This sentence is a perfect example of Image in action from a point of view the narrator.












A Waste of Time

A Waste of Time




There are things in life that we do, that we think are a waste of time. I have one friend who wherever he goes, he’s glued to his phone. Our phones are great for making plans and talking to friends. After a while though, I don’t understand why someone would need their phone so much. It was Sunday night at around eight-thirty and we were watching Crazy Rich Asians. We had never seen it before so we were excited. As the movie started, I turned to see one of my friends intently watching the movie, while the other, intently watched his phone. I asked him if he was enjoying his phone and he put it down and watched the movie. As the movie progressed I could see his eyes glued to his smaller screen. It annoyed me. I shouldn’t care about how people spend their time, but we were doing something as a group. I did care though, because everyone else was laughing and smiling when watching the movie and he had a blank face while on his phone. Later that night, when we were playing video games, if he wasn’t playing, he’d put headphones in and watch YouTube. He couldn’t go 5 minutes without his phone. When I asked him broad details about the movie the next day he couldn’t name anything. I feel like phones take away from the social aspect of life. We’re so addicted that we feel excluded without our phones.We should enjoy the time we have together instead of the waste of time on our phones




Eating turkey, enjoying the company

In the past, on a big table with most of my family

Watching the games on the big tv

Playing in my grandmas basement

Going around the table listing what we’re thankful for

Thankful for my home

Home is not a place

It’s a people 

I thank my parents for their hard work

Putting the food on the table

My grandparents who hosted thanksgiving

For as long as I could remember 

They did every year

So did my other grandparents 

Nana and Papa

We switched off back and forth 

Nowadays we stay at home

Usually instead of family

We invite friends

Or Nana and Papa

It’s different 

But great

Even though I don’t see my cousins as much

I’m thankful for the memories we shared 

With Aidan and Catherine and Patrick 

Playing board games and pool

Mini basketball, telling jokes

When it was warm we’d play wiffleball

With my cousins Alex and Colie

Down on the cape with Nana and Papa

Watching the game on tv

Packers vs. Lions

Soon after

we’d all gather in the kitchen

To help cook or in my case

Try all the food

There were a little more flavors here 

than back in Reading

After dinner 

We’d play Smash Bros. In the basement 

I’m thankful for all my old thanksgiving experiences 

From the Cape to Reading 

Sitting around the large tables

Going around saying what we’re thankful for

I’m thankful for my new traditions

Hanging out with my good friends who seem like family

Playing games

From Kart to 2K

Going to football games

Lhs and Saint Johns

After, just relaxing and watching the parade

Later, my friends and family Come over 

Laughing and having serious conversations

I’m thankful for these friends who come through and hang 

When they could be with their family

These friends are our family

My favorite tradition of thanksgiving is when it’s over

Sitting on the couch and hanging out

Usually watching Elf

Our favorite movie

It is also a time to reflect

While thanksgiving is kind of a rough time 

We find new ways 

And traditions

To remember and enjoy





Power of Hardship

A difficult time to get through 



“Death and love are the two wings that bear the good man to heaven.”


Hardships may give you sadness but you can always get through them. This is what happened when my cousin died. Death is one hardship that is inevitable and sad, and also makes us learn things. It seems like it is one thing that either brings people together or tears them apart. It was spring 2014 and things were well. My grades were great, and I was happy, until I heard the news. My cousin was in the hospital in critical condition. Soon after, he died. It was a cold time. We had learned things about my cousin after his death, that the rest of our family had known for a decade. It stunned us, and didn’t understand why they didn’t trust us. At the funeral we all were upset and even though we were mad at our family, we came together to celebrate my cousins life. It didn’t matter how stunned we were by the news. It didn’t matter how much we were mad we weren’t told. It only mattered that we came together with happiness and good experiences to share about our cousins life, together. This hardship taught me that we don’t always have the greatest experiences in life, but we can always get through them.

Power of Place


A place is only as important as how it makes you feel. My mom grew up in Puerto Rico and seeing it together as a family truly makes it special. It feels especially great around mealtimes. It all happens in Puerto Rico at a resort called Copa Marina and the area around it. Everyday around lunch, my family either grabs food and eats by the pool or eats at the restaurant and talks. It certainly is my favorite part of being there, especially on my dads last day there. It was late March in the last week of our break and we all gathered for lunch. My dad was eating with us and then he had to leave because he had important meetings at work. We all sat down and ordered our food. My brother and I got steak and my sister got mofongo, a Puerto Rican traditional dish. My dad got steak. We all talked about how special this place is and our great experiences like playing wiffleball and pool football. We were all sad to watch my dad get into the car and leave but we were happy about all the shared experiences there. If we hadn’t started going there, this place wouldn’t have had such an impact on our family. If we hadn’t started going there, we wouldn’t have discovered all this great food. If we hadn’t started going there, our family wouldn’t have been as close because of these experiences. Our favorite places give us lasting memories that make them our favorite.

Power of Place

A Whole New World




Finding new ways to enjoy your passion


Discovering new things in your passion makes you realize how much you love it. No matter how many times I go to Disney I always find something new. I have loved Disney all my life and have always seen it through my family and my view. It was when I went with my best friend to Disney the second time when I saw things that made me love my passion even more. After my sister performed in Disney Springs, my friend and I went into the the Magic Kingdom for a night of adventure. Our moms had said that we could go off alone for the night. We went to Big Thunder Mountain with a couple more of our friends and waited for only 10 minutes before we got on. We hopped in our train and took off. The first part goes upwards and then drops. At the top we could see most of Frontierland and a little bit of Adventureland. It was a beautiful night and a beautiful view but we couldn’t think of that for long because we dropped. We then began going through the wildest ride in the wilderness and at an exhilarating speed whipped around corner after corner and dropped into countless drops. Watching the expressions on my friends faces made me realize how much I love Disney. Going on a familiar ride with my friends who hadn’t experienced it as much as I had, made me experience it in a new way. Going on this ride to end a great night made me enjoy it even more and was more happy that it happened, than sad it was over. It is these new experiences that express our joy for our passion even more than thought possible.