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The Call of The Wild









Everyone has evolved in some way or another, for good, or for bad.In the book The Call of the Wild, by Jack London, a new sled dog Buck learns his primitive instincts so he can pull his weight. Buck learns how to lead the sled and persevere his team through the challenges of being sled dogs. Jack London writes with confidence and great comfort about the life of a sled dog.


In this book, Buck is kidnapped and taken to Alaska for the gold rush. He is a big 130 pound dog. He is taken to a place with a man in a red sweater who beats him whenever he is challenged. Buck soon learns his place. Eventually Buck is bought by two French men who buy other dogs for their sled. Buck is seeming to be the leader and then Spitz comes along. Spitz is another big dog who is smart and uses cunning to win. Spitz and Buck fight over the leadership position to the death. Buck goes at him only to get blocked and bloodied multiple times. Buck then gets in touch with his primitive side and runs at Spitz and chomps his leg, breaking it. The other dogs, seeing Buck go primitive, sees him as the leader.

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