The Call of the Wild Analysis
Power of Place

Power of Place

A Whole New World




Finding new ways to enjoy your passion


Discovering new things in your passion makes you realize how much you love it. No matter how many times I go to Disney I always find something new. I have loved Disney all my life and have always seen it through my family and my view. It was when I went with my best friend to Disney the second time when I saw things that made me love my passion even more. After my sister performed in Disney Springs, my friend and I went into the the Magic Kingdom for a night of adventure. Our moms had said that we could go off alone for the night. We went to Big Thunder Mountain with a couple more of our friends and waited for only 10 minutes before we got on. We hopped in our train and took off. The first part goes upwards and then drops. At the top we could see most of Frontierland and a little bit of Adventureland. It was a beautiful night and a beautiful view but we couldn’t think of that for long because we dropped. We then began going through the wildest ride in the wilderness and at an exhilarating speed whipped around corner after corner and dropped into countless drops. Watching the expressions on my friends faces made me realize how much I love Disney. Going on a familiar ride with my friends who hadn’t experienced it as much as I had, made me experience it in a new way. Going on this ride to end a great night made me enjoy it even more and was more happy that it happened, than sad it was over. It is these new experiences that express our joy for our passion even more than thought possible.