Power of Place

Power of Hardship

A difficult time to get through 



“Death and love are the two wings that bear the good man to heaven.”


Hardships may give you sadness but you can always get through them. This is what happened when my cousin died. Death is one hardship that is inevitable and sad, and also makes us learn things. It seems like it is one thing that either brings people together or tears them apart. It was spring 2014 and things were well. My grades were great, and I was happy, until I heard the news. My cousin was in the hospital in critical condition. Soon after, he died. It was a cold time. We had learned things about my cousin after his death, that the rest of our family had known for a decade. It stunned us, and didn’t understand why they didn’t trust us. At the funeral we all were upset and even though we were mad at our family, we came together to celebrate my cousins life. It didn’t matter how stunned we were by the news. It didn’t matter how much we were mad we weren’t told. It only mattered that we came together with happiness and good experiences to share about our cousins life, together. This hardship taught me that we don’t always have the greatest experiences in life, but we can always get through them.