Power of Hardship
A Waste of Time




Eating turkey, enjoying the company

In the past, on a big table with most of my family

Watching the games on the big tv

Playing in my grandmas basement

Going around the table listing what we’re thankful for

Thankful for my home

Home is not a place

It’s a people 

I thank my parents for their hard work

Putting the food on the table

My grandparents who hosted thanksgiving

For as long as I could remember 

They did every year

So did my other grandparents 

Nana and Papa

We switched off back and forth 

Nowadays we stay at home

Usually instead of family

We invite friends

Or Nana and Papa

It’s different 

But great

Even though I don’t see my cousins as much

I’m thankful for the memories we shared 

With Aidan and Catherine and Patrick 

Playing board games and pool

Mini basketball, telling jokes

When it was warm we’d play wiffleball

With my cousins Alex and Colie

Down on the cape with Nana and Papa

Watching the game on tv

Packers vs. Lions

Soon after

we’d all gather in the kitchen

To help cook or in my case

Try all the food

There were a little more flavors here 

than back in Reading

After dinner 

We’d play Smash Bros. In the basement 

I’m thankful for all my old thanksgiving experiences 

From the Cape to Reading 

Sitting around the large tables

Going around saying what we’re thankful for

I’m thankful for my new traditions

Hanging out with my good friends who seem like family

Playing games

From Kart to 2K

Going to football games

Lhs and Saint Johns

After, just relaxing and watching the parade

Later, my friends and family Come over 

Laughing and having serious conversations

I’m thankful for these friends who come through and hang 

When they could be with their family

These friends are our family

My favorite tradition of thanksgiving is when it’s over

Sitting on the couch and hanging out

Usually watching Elf

Our favorite movie

It is also a time to reflect

While thanksgiving is kind of a rough time 

We find new ways 

And traditions

To remember and enjoy