A Childs Christmas in Wales Literary Analysis
Happiness vs. Wisdom

The Power of Collective Tradition

The Joy Christmas Brings




Every Culture has their own incredible traditions. One tradition that is almost universal, is Christmas. In my house, Christmas is a joyous occasion which we celebrate the same way every year. From going to church late at night to eating dinner with friends and family, Christmas truly is a great time. One part of the tradition that  is especially strong is Christmas morning. We go downstairs at around 9:00 to see if Santa ate our cookies and drank our Egg Nog. Then we move on to the tree. Many people think that Christmas is just about the presents, and while that may be an aspect of it, being with family is the best part. We always sit around the tree, taking turns opening our presents and relaxing. We also go up to our grandparents house and hang out with are cousins. My grandma always makes the best Coffee cake, which we eat around her table while having good talks.  When I was younger I liked getting toys for Christmas and playing with them throughout the day. Nowadays I am happy getting less presents, because I get more time with my family. Even though what I wanted has changed, my view in Christmas has not. Christmas is a great time to be with family, whether it be drinking Egg Nog with my dad or helping to make the dessert with my sister. All of these things revolve around the tree.  Many great things have happened around that tree. That tree was where we found out we were getting our dog.  That tree was where I got my first Mickey Mouse shirt, which started my love for Disney. That tree was where I hung out with all of my family putting ornaments on it and reminiscing about past Christmases. Many of us want objects, but the real Christmas gifts are the traditions we have.  A lot of people talk about what they want for Christmas without appreciating what they have.