The Power of Collective Tradition
Approaching New Experiences

Happiness vs. Wisdom




Would I rather be happy yet ignorant, or wise? Happiness is an attribute that everyone is trying to attract. Life feels like nothing without happiness, while wisdom seems to come at an older age. I would rather be happy yet ignorant than be wise. If you have an optimistic approach on life, everything is figured out. Even when faced with a loss, you can put a positive spin on it. If I do poorly on a test, I can figure out how to study better, or see my mistakes. If you are young and are “Wise”, no one will take you seriously. Wisdom isn’t something that you can immediately have, neither is happiness. They both have to be worked for. I would rather work for happiness, so my family can have happiness. Wisdom seems like more of a self goal, while happiness can be spread. Happiness seems like a better goal. Not only for me, but in the grand scheme of things, happiness seems like it would be better in the long term. Wisdom is a great trait to have, but overall happiness is better for long term success.