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Approaching New Experiences




How being positive goes a long way


“Work hard, be kind, and amazing things will happen.” Conan O'Brien

With growing up, you gain new relationships and new experiences. You may not like all of them, but it’s your attitude that decides that. Since last fall, I’ve been going to a sneaker convention called Boston got Sole, where I’ve met tons of new people. Walking around the convention I have seen and learned new things. The day starts around 1:30 and there are tons of tables with clothing and sneakers on them and music blaring from the speakers. On my first visit I didn’t bring any sneakers to sell but on my 4th time I brought two pairs with me. Some people will be negative and just ask quickly and not move from their price point instead of talking about the sneaker first. I’ve learned that if you try to make a relationship with the vendor, they’ll be more inclined to lower their price or trade. In October I came with two sneakers, Jordan 12s and Supreme Nike SBs. I came with the intention to trade sneakers and I did because I kept a positive attitude. At the convention many people try to buy sneakers at a lower price from amateur sellers who don’t know the right value and will swindle them. It is best going into the convention with a knowledge of the shoe, the quality, and the resale price. I was wearing shoes on that I could’ve easily sold for more money then I bought them for, but I would rather have the shoes and love them then just selling them off. There is always one person at the convention who’s always nice and is willing to negotiate a price or trade. I usually go here first because I know I can get a good price. I went to one of these tables and bought the Lucky Charms Kyrie 4s for 130 dollars which wasgrest because they were only slightly used and usually go for more. At the end of the convention I had bought one shoe and hadn’t sold the other two. It must’ve been fate when I saw the Jordan 11 Low Closing Ceremonies in my size at the door. I talked to the seller for two minutes and traded my Jordan 12s. This shows that trying to make a relationship really goes a long way. If I hadn’t been nice, I would’ve wasted all my money on one shoe. If I hadn’t tried to make a relationship with the vendors, I couldn’t have made a negotiation. Because I was nice and went through the convention with a good approach, I left being happy with how the day went.

Happiness vs. Wisdom




Would I rather be happy yet ignorant, or wise? Happiness is an attribute that everyone is trying to attract. Life feels like nothing without happiness, while wisdom seems to come at an older age. I would rather be happy yet ignorant than be wise. If you have an optimistic approach on life, everything is figured out. Even when faced with a loss, you can put a positive spin on it. If I do poorly on a test, I can figure out how to study better, or see my mistakes. If you are young and are “Wise”, no one will take you seriously. Wisdom isn’t something that you can immediately have, neither is happiness. They both have to be worked for. I would rather work for happiness, so my family can have happiness. Wisdom seems like more of a self goal, while happiness can be spread. Happiness seems like a better goal. Not only for me, but in the grand scheme of things, happiness seems like it would be better in the long term. Wisdom is a great trait to have, but overall happiness is better for long term success.