WW Fenn Reflection
Moby Dick Final Reflection

A Freshmans Voice

‘‘Twas the beginning of the year 2019 and young Conor was not ecstatic to be returning to academics. Most of his academic classmates had headed out and were leaving the coop to join new flocks at new environments. Conor had began his academic year with a few close friends but by the beginning of the final calendar month, he had found his shipmates, and his trusted comrades. He knew he would have to work harder to do well, but he was up for the challenge. As soon as he walked through the door at the beginning of the academic year he noticed something, he was a leader at his place of learning. He would shows the young longs the ropes and how to row their boat, and then captain their own harder ships. He realized that On the playing field, he was no Ted Williams, but he was a great teammate to stand by. He would  lift himself up by his bootstraps and join the ranks of great 6th men and bench players to encourage other players who may be better. He realized he was now in a position to lead his crew and snatch the whale of learning, and capture the oil of academics for life. Then, he took his first step, into the best year of his life.