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February 2019

A Freshmans Voice

‘‘Twas the beginning of the year 2019 and young Conor was not ecstatic to be returning to academics. Most of his academic classmates had headed out and were leaving the coop to join new flocks at new environments. Conor had began his academic year with a few close friends but by the beginning of the final calendar month, he had found his shipmates, and his trusted comrades. He knew he would have to work harder to do well, but he was up for the challenge. As soon as he walked through the door at the beginning of the academic year he noticed something, he was a leader at his place of learning. He would shows the young longs the ropes and how to row their boat, and then captain their own harder ships. He realized that On the playing field, he was no Ted Williams, but he was a great teammate to stand by. He would  lift himself up by his bootstraps and join the ranks of great 6th men and bench players to encourage other players who may be better. He realized he was now in a position to lead his crew and snatch the whale of learning, and capture the oil of academics for life. Then, he took his first step, into the best year of his life.

WW Fenn Reflection




For my WW Fenn speech, I chose scratch and dent dreams. In my opinion it is a great poem that uses many great metaphors to get its point across. The author does a great job of weaving the words together in a smooth way with wordplay and a strong finish. Also, this poem has won awards in slam poem competitions. When I first heard this poem about three years ago, I thought it was incredible. I was sitting in all school meeting during the WW fenn semi finals listening to a 9th graders recite it. It wasn’t just the poem for me. It was also the delivery of it. It was very blunt and encouraging. The poem is about all the dreams you gave up on growing up, and saying that you still can acheive them through dedication and work. I especially like the part with the kids packing up there things because someone told them their dream would never work, because dreams can be acheived through hard work and a little encouragement. The way it uses metaphors as shops and locations and putting things into a box shows the power of hard work and that it can’t be done in a day. I also love how he talks about how he’s, “not telling you how to make a profit, because that’s where many ideas go wrong.” He’s talking about sticking to your ideas and dreams and not doing it any other way for money. If you have a dream, you pursue it because you love it and are passionate about it. You don’t do it for money.