Moby Dick Final Reflection
Pt. 2 of Crows and Swallow poems

Crows and Swallows



Overall the poems are a learning experience. I personally liked 3 of the poems and those really stuck with me. The first one I liked was Too Damn Long. I could connect with it because u have felt that befor I go to bed. I like to think about work I’ve completed and what’s next. It’s a great reflection and a satisfying time. Another one I liked was It Must Be a Fine Line. It made me think of the American dream in that you can do anything and that even though a profession may seem to only work for one type of person, anyone can do it. The final one was Before the Party. This stood out to me this one because it seemed to be a reflection of someone with a good vocabulary. My problem was that it didn’t really go with the title, and I understand the meaning is in the eye of the beholder, but this seemed to drone on. While I thought it was a good poem, it wasn’t my style; however, it still stuck out. 



My poem:



Listening to my favorite artist


Lost in the music

Swimming through bars

Diving into albums 

So many stories

Feels like a perfect sunrise

Keeps getting better

Positivity in check 

Happiness seems in grasp 

Even though sadness

Is still around

It’s drowned out 

Life stands still 

Drifting into paradise

On an inner tube of notes

In a sea of rhythm 

Before the waters drained

And life goes back to normal