Crows and Swallows
Walden Writing Prompt #1

Pt. 2 of Crows and Swallow poems

Who is this kid in the mirror

Staring back at me

Used to read books

Now I read movie bios

On Netflix

Used to show emotions

Now I act like I don’t care

Used to be obsesssed

with buying into better experiences

Now I’m obsessed

with buying Nike and supreme

Used to talk all things Disney

Now I keep it in

This kid thinks about

all things he is now

But just the negatives

Positively he’s happy

He has a good life

He’s a strong dancer

And his passion for Disney

Is still strong

He hangs with his family and friends

And loves every moment of it

Although he has changed in the mirror

He still is the same mentally and

On the inside


I personally really liked this idea for a poem.  It was a great way to self reflect on things that have changed for the worst and for the better. When I was writing this, I was happy with a lot of the ways u have changed but sad about others.


Untitled Poem

As soon as I walk in

My mood is hightened

A smile is growing on my face

Like a wave growing in the water

Slowly building excitement

Of the Magic in it all

Eating food

Riding rides

Into the night

Music playing in my ear

Happiness growing in my heart

Just like the wave crashing

The excitement must come to an end

But the memories last forever



Without specifically noting what my subject is, it is pretty clear by the 6th line. This poem came straight from my heart as it centers on my favorite experience. I chose to keep it as broad as I could so I could imagine all of my memories in one setting. Overall this has been my favorite poem so far.