Walden Writing Prompt #1

Seasonal Haikus




The crack of the bat

The flowers growing tall

Spring has begun


As the days grow longer

Math problems grows shorter

Life is more enjoyable 


The sun sets later

Morning starts earlier

More time to play outside


Grass feels softer

Still it’s moist and wet

From the fresh blood on the ground




Snow falling softly down

A soft marshmallow blanket

Covering the barren ground



Climbing up the hill

With my wooden toboggan

Staring down the frozen slide


Shoveling the snow

Cold wind slides through my coat

Dreaming of a warm cup of coco


Snow storming on the ground 

Waiting for the call

Of a fantastic fenn snow day



Sitting on a sunny day

Blue waves crashing down

On the smooth golden sand


Tied 3-3 on blue sky day

Nothing in the sky except my ball

Flying over the fence for a home run


Hiking up the trail

Feet burning like hell

But the view feels like heaven


Tying my blue tie

Tucking my white shirt in

Signifying summers end



Waking up at 8 am

Tired like a hibernating bear

It’s too early for dance 


Lacing up my cleats

Running down the field 

Finally faster than my brother



On a crisp autumn day 

Nothing better than being with friends

For a quick pick up football game


Thankful for my family and life

And my wonderful school and friends

I still hate turkey.