Power of Place 2

In life, there are always very special places. Fenn has always been a very special place for me. More specifically, the new gym. From grades 4-9 I would spend all my mornings here, and would also play basketball, kickball and dodgeball in here. It was, and will always be a big part of my fenn career. One specific moment was playing in n out dodgeball. In n out is every man for themselves dodgeball, where the last man standing wins. Whenever I played we would make alliances with each other. It was in 7th grade and I was playing with all of my friends. We made a giant alliance so we could get other people out. We would stand in one corner with a lot of dodgeballs and countdown to an ambush where we would attack another group of kids. I’m not the best thrower but I can catch and dodge pretty well and use this to my advantage. This game has been one of my favorite things to do, as we all run around and have a really good time. Earlier this year, we played with middle school wrestling during senior time. We relived a lot of really good memories playing with each other such as building an alliance and destroying others. We also crumbled our alliance and attacked each other. Playing in n out is always fun, playing in n out gave me good teamwork skills, and playing in n out taught me that sometimes you’ll get knocked down but you’ll always get back up again.  Whenever I was in the gym I always learned good lessons and skills for a successful life