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Journal Entry 2 An Experience Worth Remembering


Here I am on the edge of a cliff hiking up a mountain in Norway. Hugging the right side of the trail. My hand on a handrail. One slip one mistake I fall off the edge of a cliff. My body is shaking hoping I don’t make that one slip or that one mistake. I make it up to the end of the cliff face. I look down to see what I just I did and I cannot believe it. What did I just do I say to myself. Why am I here? What am I doing? What is the point of hiking along a cliff face? But then I realize the goal is to feel accomplished. The goal is to see incredible views. The goal is to see incredible sights. 


On this mountain, there are two farms that were used in the 1800s.  When we make it to the first farm we ate our lunch looking down at a fjord. I couldn’t believe that there was a farm that was on a cliff that was looking out to a fjord. 


We continued hiking and there I was again hugging the right side of the trail. This time climbing up rock stairs and then turning to see that you are on a cliff face. The hike was smooth sailing after that. 


We saw one more farm that looked like it was from the Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs because it was tiny. On the way down from the second farm. I realized that this experience might have been scary but it is good to have some scary or some adventure in your life. Things might be scary they might be hard but you need to fight through it and that is what I did on this hike. That is how I hope to deal with tough situations this year. 

Journal Entry 5 Free Write

Journal Entry 5

Free write


I look up at the big screen 8:00 minutes left in the game. Patriots 3 Rams 3 the lowest scoring game in super bowl history. I look back down at the field Tom Brady gets the snap he throws it to Gronkowski, Gronk makes the diving catch at the 2-yard line. I start jumping up and down in celebration. 


The Patriots walk from the huddle to the line of scrimmage. Brady gets the snap he hands off the ball to Sony Michel. Sony dives into the end zone for the touchdown. Patriots: 10 Rams : 3. 


The Patriots are 7:00 minutes away from their 6th super bowl title. But there I am 150 feet above the field looking down at the game realizing what could happen. As I’m realizing this the rams are driving down the field. The rams are on the Patriots 30 yard line with 4 minutes and 30 seconds left. Jared Goff looks for Brandin Cooks Stephon Gilmore turns around and leaps up and intercepts the ball at the Patriots 4 yard line. 


The pats are 4 minutes from away from winning. The patriots end up kicking a field goal to go up 13-3 with 1:10 left in the game. 


With 10 seconds to go the rams try a 50-yard field goal. The kick goes up and goes wide left. 5 seconds to go Patriots 13 Rams 3. Brady gets the snap and kneels on the ground and the Patriots win their 6th super bowl. The confetti starts pouring down on the field. It takes a minute for it to set in but then I realize that I witnessed the Patriots win their 6th super bowl in person something I have always dreamed of.

Windsor Mountain Reflection

Windsor Mountain Reflection

    Looking back at Windsor mountain there were three experiences that stand out to me. My First is doing the dive tower. This experience took me two days to complete. On the first day, I walked down to the waterfront and was ready to go into the water. Everybody around me was saying that the water was freezing. I jumped in and my body was shocked because the water was cold I immediately swam back to the dock got out of the water. I was too scared to go back into the water so I walked back to the main area. For the rest of the night, I was mad at myself for not doing the dive tower. The next day It was raining and I thought I’m probably not going to be able to the dive tower. But the sun came out and I went down again to the waterfront. This I jumped right in and swam to the dive tower. It took me a minute to climb up to the top when I finally jumped I realized how fun it was.  


    My next experience was playing ping pong with my friends. Every day I would walk to breakfast early just to play ping pong. There was a lot of waiting to play but it was still fun to play ping pong with my friends. I didn’t always win in fact I lost more than I won. But just playing was fun for me. 


    The last one was playing broomball. Broomball was a great experience and it was really fun because I scored a lot of goals. I thought I was going to stink because it is like hockey and I’m not good at hockey but broomball was really fun until the end. At the end of broomball, I was running down the floor trying to score when I fell right over on my knee and got a super big bruise on my leg that hurt so bad.


    Windsor mountain was really fun and these experiences will stick with me for a long time.