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October 2019

Power of Place

How food makes me feel at home


In life there is one place that makes you feel at home or comfortable. That place for me is my dining room table. As I’m finishing my homework I hear my mom yell “dinner.” I race down the stairs and run through the kitchen and into the dining room to see what my mom has prepared. Most Sundays my family orders sushi from the local sushi restaurant. My dad calls it “ Sunday sushi.” We just sit and talk about school, sports, or the Patriots. My family loves to eat and my loves to cook, but on Sunday's, we sit and relax and eat sushi. In August my sister started college. The morning when we left we sat down at the table for breakfast. I realized that this will be the last time we sit at the table as a family for a while. Even though it might've have sad sitting there before my sister was going to leave for college. I still felt at comfortable, and at home at the table. It did not matter what my was to eat. It didn't what was going on or what happened before I sat down, and it didn't matter who was there. I love the sense of home I feel at my dining room table. Although it might be sad without my sister I will still enjoy my time eating at the dining room table with my family.