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December 2019

Tom Sawyer Literary Reflection

Tom Sawyer Literary Analysis

Fight Through Challenges

“Whenever a problem arrives do three things—face it, fight it, and finish it”


    If you read you will find books or short stories or any literature that is challenging to read, but you always have to fight through it. That was the case when I read chapter two of Tom Sawyer. When I read chapter 2 of Tom Sawyer: I first thought this will be a challenging read, but I accepted the challenges and read on. When I first started to read it I was confused with the different words and dialogue. Well of course the writing was different when the book was written in 1875. Now in 2019 when you try to read books from 1875 there will always be challenges. I finally read deeper and read through the confusing language and dialogue. When I read through I found that this chapter was pretty good and interesting. It was also pretty hard to find enduring themes throughout the book, but once again when I fought through the challenges I found the enduring themes I needed. A theme for my reading was fighting through challenges. It didn’t matter that the chapter was confusing to read, It didn’t matter that it was hard to find themes I needed, and it did not matter that the writing was hard to read. All that mattered was that I fought through challenges of not finding themes, and tough reading and writing. In the end reading chapter two of Tom Sawyer was worth it. There will always be challenges, but you always have to fight through them.