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Getting cut stinks but it doesn't matter in the long run


Rory Kennealy

If somebody says no to you, or if you get cut, Michael Jordan was cut his first year, but he came back and he was the greatest ever. That is what you have to have. The Attitude that I'm going to show everybody in going to work hard to get better and better.

~Magic Johnson


    Not getting what you want might seem bad at the time, but it will not matter in a couple of years. Although I have not been faced with this problem a lot, I was faced with it this year. I didn’t get what I want this year when I tried out for varsity and junior varsity basketball. I went in expecting something, but I came out with nothing.


It was the first week back from Thanksgiving break. Basketball, one of favorite sports, was starting its season. I have loved basketball for a while now, and I have dreamed since fourth grade about making  JV or varsity basketball. Now it was time for this dream to come true. On Wednesday, December 4th the tryouts started. I was nervous about this, but excited for the opportunity.


I walked into the new gym, and I knew I had a chance to make this team. Most of those players were better than me though. The first day of tryouts started. We started with some running and touching seven end lines. I was already out of breath, and the tryout hadn’t even started—this was not a good sign. It showed that I wasn’t prepared. This didn’t stop me from playing my best though. The tryouts started and I was not playing well, and I never got the ball passed to me, but when I did I made it count. At the end of the day I had three points and a really good pass. I came back the next hoping my performance the day prior would translate to today. That was not the case on the court I just look tired and out of place. I then knew that I was going to get cut. The next day that is what happened. I got cut from varsity. I didn’t mind this though, I knew that making varsity would be a long-shot. My real goal was to make JV.  I knew I had a great chance to do this. I went into JV tryouts confident that I would make the team. The first tryout I felt really good about. I felt like I was in control of the court. I scored some baskets, but I also made some good passes to my teammates for buckets. I was thinking that I was in a great place to make the team. The next day was just about the same. I was really confident that I would make the team. On Wednesday they said they were going to meet with us. I was so nervous my bad was shaking, but I thought that my performance showed that I would be a good fit on the team. They did one by one meetings which was really suspenseful. Every kid before me in line made the team except for one kid. It was now my turn to meet with the coach. I walked in nervous as could be. 


Then it happened. I still remember the words from the coach “let’s just cut right to the chase: you’re not going to make the team.” I immediately started to cry. I thought I played well in the tryouts, but I guess it was not enough. When I walked out I immediately saw my friends Dereck and Gabriel run out of the library. They immediately picked me up. I felt a lot better knowing my friends were there to pick me up. I was now onto Thirds Basketball. Although it might not have showed I had a lot of fun playing thirds. I’m just glad I got to play basketball with my friends.


It didn’t matter that I got cut; it didn’t matter that I didn’t reach my goal, and it didn’t matter that I wasn’t good enough. All that mattered is that I got to play basketball, a sport that I love, with my friends. 


Right when it happens getting cut stinks, but in a couple weeks or months you start to think less and less about, and you feel better. In the end getting cut wasn’t that bad and I am glad my friends were there to pick me up.


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