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An Experience With a Friend


You’ll Always Remember Experiences With Friends


By Rory Kennealy

 “Best Friends look forward to shared experience”





    Experiences with friends are ones that you will always remember. In my lifetime I've made a lot of memories, but the ones I remember the best we're with my friends. Experiences that I always think back to are always the ones with my friends. No matter where I am I will always remember the experiences I had with them.


    Every Year my family goes on a ski trip. The ski trip is with my mom and dad's friends from Harvard Business School. I have been every year since I was six, but the trip has been going on since the nineties. Over the years I have become really good friends with other kids on the ski trip. Every year on this trip we ski, hang out and watch the NBA All-Star game.


    Coincidentally the NBA All-Star game is always the same week as the trip. Every year it is me, my brother, my sister, and my friends Alec, Charlie, and Will (me being the youngest). We always sit around the TV on Saturday night watching the dunk contest, 3 point contest, and skills competition. One year we even made our own skills competition we were running around the house, and trying to get the best time. We are always blown away at the amazing dunks, and Steph Curry winning the three point contest every year (maybe not blown away every year). The point is we always bond over our love of sports. The next night we watch the All-Star Game. It is always filled with amazing dunks, and the game is always high scoring.  I don't know if this trip would be the same if the NBA All-Star game wasn't on. It doesn't matter that I'm the youngest, it doesn't matter what happens in the contest and games, and it doesn't matter where I am. All that matters Is that I will remember the quality time I spent hanging out with my friends watching sports. I have been lucky to make memories like this with my friends. I have also been lucky to go on trips like this. I have been lucky to be with my friends that are from all over the country. I will always remember the times with my friends,


    But especially these experiences.


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Yoni Ghansah

I don’t try to watch every basketball game, but the All Star Game is something I can’t miss, and I can imagine watching it with friends would enhance the experience even more. Good work!

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