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Final metacognition



Dear Fitz,


I have always loved English especially writing, and I didn’t think that this year would be any different, boy was I wrong. I came in at the start of the year not knowing what to expect. At this time I knew nothing about eighth grade, or about any of my teachers, especially Fitz, all I had heard was that he was a hard teacher. I came into class the first day with an open mind, the first assignment I believe was to write about our goals for this year, I believe we had to write 400 words. It was a struggle for me to get the 400 words on the paper. I thought that this was a bad sign, but I soon found out that the other kids in my class also struggled. I felt fine now. We then went to Windsor and when we got back we wrote an essay. This was a fun assignment. I now knew that this year was going to be full of writing, this I was excited about. I have always loved writing, so I knew that this year would be the best year I have had in English. A couple of weeks later we started our weekly assignment sheets, those were easy at the start. A couple of weeks after we started working Fitz’s narrative writing plan. This writing plan forever changed my writing. I started to write things with deeper meanings and my writing actually meaning to it and it wasn’t words on the paper. We started to write the power ofs. I especially liked these they captured I wanted in writing. These writing assignments let us capture everything we wanted to on the paper, and it let us write about anything we wanted to. The writing assignments and the weekly assignment sheets started to take off after this, and get harder and harder and longer and longer. I started to get overwhelmed with all of the work, but I stayed calm and did the work. We then started our first book The Call of The Wild. This book had many meanings and it was a great book and the group essay after it was one of the most fun assignments I have done at school. Then came midterms where the assignment sheet went to a whole new level, but I realized that this work was all manageable. This year I figure that the work might look pretty hard and it might look like it will take a while, but it is actually pretty manageable. I took this attitude and applied it to the rest of the year, and the work became much more easy and manageable. In January we did WW Fenn. I chose a piece that nobody else has done. I thought I did well enough to make it to the finals, but I ended up falling short, I was sad at first, but I moved on, and eventually, it did not matter. WE then Of Mice and Men which was not my favorite book, and it was kind of boring to read. I started to write more and more and I started my sports blog, which I thought I would write on every week after patriots games, but then I got busier and busier and I forgot to write. I then started to write more and more words on every post I was assigned and I started to work harder. Before I would write the minimum, but then I started to think harder and write more. Throughout I have grown so much as an English Student, and I have learned so much in your class Fitz, and I wanted to thank you for making me a great writer. I might not have liked all of the work, but It was still great practice. 


Thank you so much,



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