An Experience With a Friend
The Power of Friendship

Power of Respest

The Power of Respect

Respect others so others can respect you 


“Respect that is how to treat everyone”

~Richard Branson


    It Always helps to be respectful to other people. In life if you don’t respect most people most people wont have the respect to respect you. There are times in life where respect will lead you to make friends, and also it will make people feel that you are a respectful and kind person. It was sixth grade my friend had been pretty sick. He had been out of school a lot and he also was in most of my classes so I knew that he was not at school a lot. My classmates in math class were making jokes about him skipping school to play video games, and what was popular at the time Fortnite. Kids were also making jokes that they were trying to find a streaming service he used, but he didn't have one. Something was needed to be said. Finally I said how would you feel if you were sick like this. Everybody went silent. I said if you were really sick you would not want kids to make jokes about it. Everybody agreed with me, and so did the teacher. It did not matter that he wasn't there in class, It did not matter that it was me against the class, and it did not matter that the teacher didn't tell me to say anything. All that mattered was I respected the privacy of my friend and my friendship with my friend. After this happened the teacher told my parents in their parent teacher conference. He said stuff that me feel better about myself, but I didn't do this to get a good comment. If you are respectful people will respect you back.




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Jamie Book

There are a few small punctuation errors, but this was a great piece. Part of respecting someone is having their back, and you had the person’s back when you stopped everyone from making jokes about his absence.

Yoni Ghansah

I think that I have a good idea of who you are talking about, and I think you did the right thing. People respond to serious things with humor to alleviate their discomfort, and I would understand and support you bringing this to an end. Well Done.

Colin Soukup

Talking behind people’s backs are the worst thing to do, you stood up to your friend treating him with respect, and not making fun of him like the other kids. It really means a lot and I think it impacted everyone in the situation.


Respect shows up in many different forms, and the one that you used in this paragraph was unique. The people who respect people, even when they are not present, are the most kindhearted people. You not only did this, but you shared it beautifully in the form of a narrative paragraph. Great work.

Will S.

It takes a ton of courage to tell anybody— let alone your friends— to stop doing something, and I’m proud that you were able to do that. This piece is very well written— despite a few punctuation errors. I enjoyed how you described the room “going silent” as I am able to immediately sense the tone. I hope you have this kind of success in the future.

Eli Zahavi

Good parallel structure with the “It did not matter.” A couple punctuation errors, but otherwise a great paragraph. Good narrative voice, and good job for standing up for your friend.

Nick Brady

As most have already harped on, there were a few technical errors, but don’t worry about that; it’s the content that counts, and that is where your work shines. Your depiction of the smoking gun was powerful, especially the mention of your class falling silent after your insightful comment. It showed that you as a person are respectful, but how everyone else’s values got lost, and it was you that were able to bring them back. Not everyone has smoking guns as powerful as this, and with your skill you turned it into an excellent piece.

Ethan Rich

Great passage. The conclusion, how you brought up the “golden rule” was very strong. You showed how an act of respect, no matter what it is, standing up for a friend, saying good morning, can forge your future, for the better. This is a very powerful piece, great job Rory!


This was a good passage. You did a good job with parallel structure, and your example were great. I know from experience how hard it is to tell your friends to stop doing something, and it’s great that you stepped up. Despite the grammatical errors and misspellings, your piece is great

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