Narrative Story
An Experience With a Friend

The Place I Go

The Place doesn’t have to be big it just has to make you comfortable

by Rory Kennealy




    It is 8:30 in the morning. The sun is shining bright through the shades and on to my bed. I open my eyes and take off the covers. I slowly walk down the stairs and grab a blanket and go to the place I go. I turn on my favorite show ever: Sports Center. All is right; I feel calm and happy; I feel comfortable just sitting there watching tv. 


My time is always short lived in this place. Every time I go to sit in this place someone asks me to do something. Whether it is take the dog for a walk, get me some food, or get me some water there is always something. I am always fine with sitting there for a whole morning., but every time my parents will want me to spend my time otherwise. 


I am always happy when I am sitting in this place. I sit there for hours sometimes, but not most times. I am either doing homework, watching tv, or watching shows on my iPad. 


Most times I walk down the stairs and jump into this place. 

This place Is where I yell at the refs on the screen, or yell at my favorite player, even though I know they can’t hear me. This is the place where I watch the Celtics. This is the place where I watch all the Red Sox games I can, and where I saw them win the World Series. This is Where I watch all the Patriots games, where I scream at the tv when they lose or make a bad play, where I watched them win two Super Bowls. 


This place represents victory, this place represents happiness for me, this place represents calmness (even though I may yell at the tv.) No matter what is on the tv, no matter what the score is. No matter who  is playing No matter what I am doing. No matter who is there with me. I am always happy, comfortable, calm, or content sitting in this place. This is my happy place.


This is the place I go.



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