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The Power of Chores

It might seem annoying but it is easy and it doesn’t take a while.

I do the dishes every night - other people volunteer, but I like the way I do it

-Bill Gates


    Chores may seem annoying when you have to do them, but when you finish it is not that bad. I have chores I have to do, when I do them they seem annoying I realize they were very easy. My chores are to clean up after dinner and to bring in the trash barrels. They always seem annoying when I do them, but when I am done I realize easy they are, and how little time it takes up.


After every dinner my brother, sister and I have to clean dishes. We do this because it is a fair deal, my mom works to make the dinner, so it is only fair if my siblings and I pick up some of the slack and clean up after ourselves. Somehow after every time I clean the dishes my shirt is soaking wet. 


After a nice meal that my has prepared for my family, it is now time for my siblings and I to clean the dishes. We have down to a science, and it is kind of like an assembly line. Some cleans the dishes, another person dries, and another puts the dishes away. I usually. am either washing the dishes or drying them. I like doing both, but drying is the easiest, because all I have to do is put a towel over a dish and it is then done. To pass the time and make it go faster we listen to our favorite songs. It is mostly ones that we like from Disney movies (we are big Disney fans). It is always we listen to our songs and we are done in no time. My siblings and I doing the dishes is kind of like kitchen party at Windsor Mountain we do the dishes and listen to music. 


It doesn’t matter that it might seem annoying, It doesn’t matter how hard the work is, and it doesn’t matter how much time it takes you. It all that matters it that you’re doing work that is easy and fun.


It might seem annoying, but it is not that bad.


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My kids do the same thing. They call it a kitchen party and they laugh and argue and bitch and moan, but they always do it, just like you guys.

Max Troiano

It’s great that you and your siblings accept that you guys have to pitch in just as your parents do. I know that realization would certainly help things along in my family!

Will Simon

It's nice to see you working with your family rather than ditching them at the table. Keep up the good work1

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