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The Power of Family

The Power of Family 


Time With My Family Is Time Well Spent

There is no doubt that it is around the family and the home that all the greatest virtues, the most dominating virtues of human, are created, strengthened and maintained.
-Winston Churchill

Never take time with you family for granted. No matter where I go I will always remember the time I spent with my family. I’m lucky that I get to spend a lot of time with my family. I’m also lucky that my family is very close. The experiences I have had with my family are ones that I will never forget. Every year my family goes to Maine for 2 weeks at the end of August. We start in Bar Harbor and then we go to Kennebunk after a stop at the outlets in Freeport. At the end of our vacation in 2016 we bought a house in Kennebunk. Now we go every weekend in the summer. My family gets super competitive. So it is no surprise that our Maine vacation is a lot competition. In one week in Bar Harbor we play 7 rounds of mini golf. One year in Bar Harbor I remember getting suspended for 1 game from mini golf. We all went to the course and the rest of my family played while I sat in the car. I took mini golf very seriously when I was younger and I still take it seriously. My competitiveness is something I’m proud of but also not proud of. I love being competitive with my family. But sometimes I get too competitive and I wish I had those experiences back so I could change my attitude and my competitiveness. Although I might have ruined them with my competitiveness I still think that those experiences were well spent. I wish I hadn’t taken them for granted.



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Nick Brady

I think it’s normal to look back on old memories and wish that you did something differently. But, we aren’t perfect, and you can’t change the past, so I find it is often easier just to take your mind off the topic, and see if you can remedy your mistakes in the future.

Eli Zahavi

I too also have a really close family. I like the part about the competitive style. Great work.

Jamie Book

I know exactly how you feel about taking times for granted. But, all of us can learn from our mistakes, and learn never to take time with family for granted. Great job!


I too sometimes take my time with family for granted. But we aren’t perfect and we can all reflect on our mistakes and change ourselves. Ill never take time for granted after reflecting from your paragraph. Nice work

Oliver Ali

I like how you wrote “My competitiveness is something I’m proud of but also not proud of”. It takes guts to say your weaknesses. I totally get what your saying about competiveness though. One’s ability to want to compete can be a good thing, but at the same time, it can get them so into the game that an awkward bounce or a missed open layup can be really tough on them. This was a really well written piece, Rory.

Yoni Ghansah

It is always important to never take your family for granted even though we may tend to get a little out of had with them. Though we may be able to look back and regret certain things it is important to hold these ideals of family and move on.

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