The Power of the Ocean

The unbeatable waves


“The sea does not like to be restrained”

~Rick Riordan


The Ocean is a beast of unimaginable proportions and destructive power. I love the ocean, but I learned to respect its might. Playing around in the sparkling waves can turn very dangerous in an instant. Those who don’t acknowledge the ocean’s might, will forever be doomed to be trapped on the ocean floor. I was on Martha’s Vineyard with my friends Luke and Andrew during the summer of 2020. Andrew’s mom had decided to take the three of us to the beach. We came to the agreement that we would go to Longpoint Beach, which was notorious for big waves. The sand was hotter than a frying pan as we set foot upon it. The air felt thicker than a barrel of hot molasses. The water was cool and had six foot waves crashing ten feet from shore. We ran into the water as a big wave crashed down and repelled us backwards. I was slower than the others and had bad timing. A wave came crashing down on my head. It felt like a giant straw was sucking me under the surface. I writhed and struggled as the water grabbed me with eager hands. Fear washed over me as the waves were. Farther out I went, until I swam with all of my strength to the side, and I was free. The ocean is such a powerful force that even being cautious is dangerous near it. I thought that the ocean just coexisted with humans, but the ocean has always been our superior. There is no beating the ocean, but you can still watch out for the dangerous parts of it. The tranquility of the waves is like the cheese on a mouse trap, it is meant to lure us in.


The Power of Place

Clear water, clear mind


Every place where we feel safety is treasure 

~Jan Jansen

The most beautiful sight is a place of serenity and safety. My most treasured place is 2,437 miles away, but my mind's eye can return there in a second. I’ve only been to Franklin Falls three times, so I can never get enough of it. I feel safe leaping in the river as we trek towards the falls and losing myself in the glory of the waterfall. 


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The Power of Friendship

Friendship is worth more than gold


A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.

~Walter Winchell

True friends will do anything for each other. Even when things went terribly wrong my friend was there for me. Every friendship has some problems and quirks, but generally they aren’t life threatening. The best friendships get strengthened by adversity as long as they don’t get destroyed.

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The Power of Family

When the intruder is my brother


The greatest gift our parents ever gave us was each other.
~Sister’s Journal

Our makers can be our breakers. The family that once cherished me like a deity forgot me overnight. When I got replaced by a newer model it ended my world, but from the ashes of my destroyed life came a new one. A friend that stole my parental attention everyday, but a friend that I loved most dearly. An imperfect and malleable kid that I can help shape into a good person. The chance to change a life is the greatest gift of all. Everyday after my brother was born I got no attention. It was only greetings and then goodnight from my worn out parents. Sitting at the table while they would feed him and laugh. Every time they forgot about me sitting only one chair away. Every night I got a kiss and nothing else, but one night that all changed. My mom came to my room and said,

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Letter About The Poet X

Dear Lars Goosen,


    I’m having a great week right now. Today I have a theatre tech lunch and a soccer (football) practice. So how about you, anything exciting planned in the immediate future? How is school going? Are you having fun or are you already staring with glazed eyes at June on your calendar? At school I am reading a book called, The Poet X, By Elizabeth Acevedo. I am really excited to tell you about it.


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His Last Journey

He trudges through the barren landscape, through the icy ground that compresses as he walks. He watches the great tops mountains rise and fall as the ground writhes. A lump pushes its way through the earth, like a whale's back breaching the waves. As it passes below him he is borne aloft as if he had jumped on a trampoline. He lands on his back, feeling no spasms of pain. Even if he felt pain it wouldn’t stop him from reaching his goal. He had to get there before the light glowed and the earth turned over on itself. 

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A Passion for Showers


My Odd Hobby Explained


It is nice finding that place where you can just go and relax

 ~Moises Arias

Everybody has that one place where they can go and relax. A place where there is no stress or worries. Generally people feel that a place like this is their bed, in front of a fire, or at a close friend's house. A person’s comfort zone is like a safe haven where they cannot be harmed.

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