Iambic Trimeter #1 The Newb

The Newb


Come here boy!

- Daequan

I really like to play Fortnite
Although it took many fortnights
I finally got a solo dub
I sent them to cry in the creative hub

I've gotten better in the past fortnight
I really like frosty flights
I've improved my game in build battles
I sent Jack back to Seattle

I'm gonna switch to r six siege
But not before I kill CouRageJD
I'm gonna do it, I think I can
But I might kill Mercs instead

-Kimball Khetani


I thought writing this was really fun. I thought it as fun because I was writing about myself and how bad I am at the game. It was easy to find things that rhyme becaue I would think of something that has to do with Fortnite.

Iambic Dimeter #2 - The Dog


The Dog


I have a dog 
he likes to play fetch 
he has a blog 
about him playing catch 

he likes to drink 
a lot of water 
because he stinks 
he smells of otter 

  • Kimball Khetani



When I was writing this it was kinda the same as the last one. I had trouble finding words that rhyme and it was easy for me to think of a topic. Although, this one was easier because I could relate to it because I have a dog.

Iambic Dimeter #1 - The Show

The Show


I watched a show 
It was kinda good 
About a doe 
That stood in the wood 

Also a dog 
That liked to sing 
That ate a frog 
He was the king 

  • Kimball Khetani



Writing this poem was easy and challenging. It was easy because I found it simple to think about what to write about. It came to me quick that I could just write about anything. I also found that finding words that rhyme was challenging for me. But I worked it out and found words that ryhme.

Music In My Life

Kimball Khetani

Fitz English 8

February 21, 2019

Music In My Life

Music In My Life


Music is life. Thats why our hearts have beats.



        Music helps relax for some and focus for others. Listening to music helps me relax when I am stressed. To me, music is like the master of relaxation. There are many songs that can be fast and loud. But when I am trying to relax, I like to listen to the songs that I am familiar with and can just lie down on mu bed and fall asleep to. When you are stressed, it is always smart to turn to music. You put your headphones on and you just feel lime you are in that zone, you can’t hear the loud noises around you, you just relax and sometimes if you are deep enough into the zone, you even start singing the song aloud and you don’t even realize it. It was a Monday, it was the day of my mid-year exams and I was so stressed. Luckily I had study hall right before my Social Studies exam. I thought that I was going to spend more time on write up my outline even though I had already finished it. I just wanted to work on it more. But when I got in the room, I saw all my friends listening to music and working at the same time. I knew that they were using music to help them focus. I can’t focus when I am listening to music and I realized that I didn’t need to do anymore work on the outline. So I sat down, put my headphones on and started to sit back, relax and enjoy the song. In that hour that I had to work, I used it to relax and get the stress off my back. When I started taking the exam, I felt to relaxed and ready to take the exam. I had ended up getting a pretty good grade on the exam. I am really happy that I had takin the time to relax and get the stress off my shoulders because it really had paid off. Music helped me get in the zone to feel comfortable for the exam and I felt glad that I had decided to relax and listen to music instead of study. For me, music only helps me relax, and when I am stressed again, I will turn to music to solve my problem.

Literary Reflection on WWFenn Choice

    Literary Reflection on WWFenn Choice

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Speach is power: speach is to persuade to convert, to compel

- Ralph Waldo Emerson



        You are always faced with a hard decision. Picking a WW Fenn piece was challenging but when I found Thanksgiving I new I wanted to recite that one. When I started memorizing it, I found that I could relate to this poem and be able to recite it well. Memorizing this piece really forced me to think about it and realize what it is portraying. There was difficult vocabulary but I found that if I memorized a line at a time I would get it done in time for the class finals. Every night, I would sit on the couch and memorize a line at a time. I would probably sit there for twenty minutes and I would have memorized a couple stanzas. At the end of the night, I attempt to recite everything that I had memorized so far and I would usually be able to do it. What I learned from studying this piece is that you can’t give up. Even if you have only a couple days to memorize it, you have to persist through the hard time. I know that when I was memorizing, I just wanted give up then and there but I knew that I didn't have enough time to pick another piece and memorize it so I kept trying and trying and I eventually got it. I think that memorizing this piece will totally be worth it. I am starting to understand what it means and It was worth persisting through to get the job done.

The Hobbit Literary Reflection Paragraph

Literary Reflection On The Hobbit


In a hole in the ground lived a hobbit

- J.R.R. Tolkien


       There is lots of adventure in many classics. I just started The Hobbit and I can already sense that there will be much adventure. Reading The Hobbit is challenging me to imagine being there in the scene. The author explains the scene very well but sometimes I have to use my mind to feel like I am there, in the mountains. I had just finished The Animal Farm and I needed to find another classic book. I was looking on my bookshelf for a classic and I saw the Lord of The Rings. I didn’t want to read it but it reminded me of The Hobbit. So, I began my unexpected journey to find my families copy of The Hobbit. It turned out that my brother had the copy on his bookshelf. So I started reading. I had read the book about five years ago with my mom but I was too young to understand it. I thought that I would basically just be reading the same book over again but when I started, it felt like a whole new book. The hobbit is a very adventures book. I am challenged to imagine being there in the moment but I have a little guideline. I am feeling the emotions of Bilbo. This book is totally worth reading. It was a rough and unexpected journey but I felt awesome when I finished. I felt like I could tell the whole story without looking at the book.


Independent Blog Post #2



        When I saw that I had to write a independent blog post about anything every week, I was like, "how am I gonna write about something different every week?" Then I remembered that I could write about anything, anything in the whole wide world. So today, I am going to write about how I never have any good ideas. Whenever I am in a group working on a group project, I am usually the one who just gets told what to do and I just go off and do it. I never actually have any good ideas, I never have any ideas that I am willing to present to my group. I think its because when I was younger, we did a lot of group projects. I would always be in the group that would deny my ideas. I would always try to present to my group an idea, that in my head was pretty good, and they would just shut me down. I think that after my experience of getting denied everytime, I just gave up. I think that this year I am going to tell my group that I want to insert myself in the discussion and I want to have some ideas that they will like. I want a second chance. There is something els that I would like to talk about. I literaly never thought that I would be able to write this. I am just writing a I go and now, I know what FItz means when he says write from the heart. He doesn't mean write about something true to you, mhe means write randomly and write freely.