The cross-roads to the future



Decisions are something that are in our lives everyday; this has no exception to me. In the coming year, I have many decisions to make; most will impact my life in more ways than one. When you participate in activities—and have other things happening in your life—you may have to know when it’s time to walk away from something you love to do.

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Iambic Trimeter



The clash of helmets fill (a)

The air, big hits bring thrills (a)

The best part is touchdowns (b)

Especially by ground (b)


Ball brings passion to lives(c)

It cuts you up like knives(c)

And can go test your head(d)

And shall until your dead(d)


And after games you feel(e)

You could’ve been more ideal(e)

Yet has such fun and grace(f)

Everyone runs with pace(f)


Metacognition: Writing these types of poems is a bit of a challenge for me. It’s a difficult time to get the rhymes, stress and syllables to work together into something that makes sense. To make something tell a story while having restrictions on how you can tell it puts a strain on my brain which can lead to mental pain (did you pick up on those rhymes). This poem alone took me about 45-65 minutes to write and fine tune to make sure everything was as good as it could be. I tried my best to make sure the perfect didn’t get in the way of good.

Music Reflection

What Music does for Me

The effect of music


Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” ― Plato

Music the key to a full life. Music is a way for me to make certain things more enjoyable and get ready for things that are coming. When getting ready for games, or doing math homework: there are two things both of those activities have in common; that is music. Music can be used for different purposes depending on what you’re doing. It can be used to focus, it can be used to calm yourself, it can be used at events, it can be used to break tension in a room, and it can be used for entertainment. Every night after I have math class, I always have some sort of math assignment. Usually it’s just simplifying stuff, or breaking a problem down, which isn’t too hard for me, to the point where I really have to focus; so I just sit in my basement, put my headphones on, and listen to music as I do my math homework. On an average afternoon after school, I have loads of homework. All I feel are useless and are unnecessary, but math I don’t have a problem with—unless I have to do any work problems—because I can do it while listening to “T-Shirt” by Migos and “Dreams and Nightmares” by Meek Mill. I just sit down, and enjoy calmness of doing something I feel is productive, while listening to some stellar tunes, and doesn’t strain my brain too hard. I bang out my ten or so problems, and move on to doing some other homework assignment. While doing my math homework, I don’t really think about what I’m doing too much. I normally just feel like I’m on a wave, gliding back into shore without a care in the world. That is what this is like, if there is a problem I don’t understand, I’m just thinking: “Ok whatever, just do it the way you did the other stuff, if you get it wrong nobody gives a ...” Anyway, music can make some of the most boring things fun, and can brighten your day little by little. Personally, music surrounds my life and is important to most, if not all, things I do.


The Full Treasure Island Literary Reflection

The Tale of an Adventure

A literary reflection


Life will never come easy to you when you can’t push through something tough. Treasure Island had a slow start and wasn’t interesting to the eye; however, I knew why I chose it, and it forced me to power through the, seemingly, endless pages of the old classic. This novel hadn’t started or played out the way I expected to; this caused me to lose interest in the book early, whether I was too lazy to start another book or that I really wanted to find the good in the book, I kept going. It really pushed me to the limit where, at points, I felt as if I were falling asleep. Halfway through the first page of the book, I knew this book would be a bit different from the others I have read in the past. This one took its time trying to explain what is happening in the book, and it began to lose me; yet, going through the process of trying to find another book seemed like much bigger of a cow to eat than the one just sitting in front of me on my iPad. I slugged my way through the first part of the book and found myself enjoying the tale that I first found boring. This novel is a pirate adventure that has a couple of hidden themes throughout the book. One of these, is fatherhood. In the beginning of the book, Jim’s father dies: Jim then, unknowingly, looks at people who are around him and seems to bond a father-son relationship whoever he is near. At moments, this book felt as if I were trudging through quicksand, and at others I felt as if I were floating through the pages of this classic.

Treasure Island

The Land of Fortune



A classic is a book that has never finished sayingwhat it has to say
Italo Calvino

While reading Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson, I have been both intrigued and distracted. While reading the book I sometimes go into my own world and lose focus on what is happening; for example, the main character could be on a pirate ship: I would then make my own connections to the pirate ship; for instance, what video games I’ve played that have pirate ships, and then I might think about the entire video game itself and completely lose focus of the story. When that doesn’t happen, I have enjoyed this book. It has a solid plot and a few twists in that plot as well. While reading, I always feel that I’m in the shoes of Jim Hawkins (the main character), feeling what he’s feeling, doing what he’s doing, and thinking what he’s thinking. The author also really puts the reader in a good position to not read, but experience the book and really feel and know the life of Jim Hawkins. However, so far in the novel I have yet to feel a substantial amount of emotion towards what happens in the book. I have yet to become emotionally invested in Jim Hawkins, and at the moment I don’t really care all too much about what happens to him. Despite not being emotionally invested in the story, I have enjoyed it, and have, in a way, been in the shoes of Jim Hawkins. 


After my 1:30 hours of reading:

I felt a little more invested in the story, but the description was still lacking a bit. My experience was that I was in the shoes of a boy who is scared for his life in the wild world of pirating.