Chapter Seven Socratic Seminar
Chapter 8 Metcognition

An Important Experience with Friends

Learning the Importance of Friends

Talking about my experience with friends

Having something to do with a friend can mean the world to someone.

I often feel the same way about this. Being a friend with someone means you have someone to have fun with, or you have someone to go to. In friendship and in life, it’s normally the small moments that end up meaning the most to us. Whether it’s just chilling, talking or even just taking the bus to school every day. Just today, on the way to school I got on the bus and within a couple of minutes so would the rest of my friends. First, Jimmy and Charlie made their way onto the bus; and something really unusual happened—they started talking to me; normally, they start a conversation that can’t go anywhere, then discuss Clash of Clans amongst themselves, yet today we actually had a conversation throughout most of the ride, while more of my friends would chime in once they got onto the bus. Every now and then we would look at our instagrams at a low point in the talk, but then Charlie would spark it again with him telling someone to scramble his rubix cube. The longer it went on, the more rich it was, and more people talked more often. On most days I don’t think they are trying to be exclusive on purpose, yet that’s just the game that they play on their phones so they like to talk about it (yet in shocking detail for a phone game). Even a conversation like that dies off after about 10 minutes and then every one gets sucked into Instagram, YouTube or something like that. Now that I really think about having just a simple conversation, generations before me (and maybe even my own) don’t even think about this in the same way. I think the reason I tend to think about things like this is because I just talk to people less than other people did back in the older days; this is really because of the advancement of technology. I’m not sure if it’s really normal to be writing about a simple conversation as “A meaningful friendship experience,” but as I learned long ago—I’m not normal.