School Letter

Dear Admissions Committee,

I am a fifteen-year-old boy who is supposed to describe three qualities and my experiences with them in my life. I haven’t really lived long enough on this so-called place earth compared to my sixty-three year old english teacher, so we will see how this goes. Throughout my life I have found that working hard makes you satisfied , overcoming failure makes you try harder and being resilient helps you cope with trauma. These aspects of life are most important to me and I try to live them out everyday.

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How the Braves World Series Run was Crazy



00AC9812-AF5C-446E-B74B-97FB3B4BC9A1After the injury of Ronald Acuña Jr the Braves best player. They lost all hope of making the playoffs, they had a losing record and after the all star break they put their foot to the gas and played fenomenal all the way until the end of the season winning the NL central. They were playing the Brewers in the first round, a favorite team this year.  After a hard fought series they pulled away winning the series 3-1 and moving on to the ALCS facing a powerful Los Angeles team. The Dodgers were a very strong team this year and they were projected to win the World Series. The Braves and Dodgers were batting back and forth and finally they pulled away winning 4-2 moving on to the  World Series for the first time since 1995 26 years ago.

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What the Red Sox Need to do to in the Offseason

After the tough series against the Astros the Red Sox will hopefully make some changes this offseason. Considering that J.D Martinez and Kyle Shwarber are both free agents, they are going to have to pick and sign one of them for the 2022 season. I think that they should pick Shwarber, he was consistently better in the playoffs and he is an overall better hitter and fielder than J.D. He would make a great addition for the team this year.


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The Power of Community

The Power of Community


How Community Helped me Through my First Year at Fenn



A small act of kindness can have a very large impact in someone else

~ Christan Taylor

The importance of community is everything. Fenn’s welcoming community helped me through my first year at a new school. When I was a little nine year old boy who didn’t know a single person at a new school. The community made me feel like I was a part of the community after the first day.    

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Part - Time Indian Essay

~Aiden LaCamera

Part-Time Indian Essay

November 7, 2021


The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian

Exploring Friendship, Poverty, and a Good Read.



Friendship is the only cement that will ever hold the world together.

~Woodrow Wilson


This morning, I was looking through my pant pockets and I found a ten-dollar bill. I was psyched and thought to myself, how am I going to use this money? Maybe some new clothes? Dunkin’ doughnuts? Or some candy? Kids like Junior, the main character in the novel we are reading in English class, would have been happy with just a quarter. The book The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian written by Sherman Alexie, explores the impact of poverty and friendship on a teenage boy living on an Indian Reservation in Spokane, Washington.

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Letter to a Friend


Letter to a Friend


Dear … Friend 

How’s life? I am doing really well. I had an interview and tour at Deerfield yesterday. It went really really well so that’s a good sign. How’s school? It’s been a little while since I have talked to you and I hope that we can catch up soon. I wish I could see you more often but I get home so late that we have no time.


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How it changed my life



You change the world by being yourself.

~Yoko Ono


I was crying.


My little nine-year-old self sitting in the car driving to a sleepaway camp that I have never heard of. I was anxious out of my mind, squirming in the back seat whaling. I didn’t know what I had gotten myself into. But I didn’t know that I would find brothers and friendships that last a lifetime.

Spending time with brothers is the best thing you could ask for. This camp is the best part of my entire summer. I pulled in next to the cabin where I would be  sleeping in for the next two weeks with strangers. I walked in and thought to myself this is going to be horrible. Wow was I wrong about that? Sleeping in a cabin with nine boys that you become extremely close makes the experience so much better. You become so connected with your cabin mates you are almost twins. I brought all of my things into the cabin and made my bed. I had gotten the top bunk in the middle left side of the small cabin. I walked outside and ran over to my other cabin mates and started to make friends. This was the hardest part, making friends with new people you have never seen before. This experience made it much easier for me to make friends with new people because you are put into a situation with no people you know. This is a huge life skill, it helped me so much especially my first year at Fenn when I knew nobody. I was still uncertain about this whole experience. I mean a nine-year-old boy like me at a camp in the middle of New Hampshire. But after the first couple of days, I already was having the best time ever. I knew I would want to come back next year and the year after that. Comparing my first year at camp and my sixth year, this past summer I was shocked at how scared I was my first year. This camp has given me so many skills and opportunities. It gives you a chance to be yourself at all times and teaches you to be happy and comfortable around others. That is the most important thing. You can’t be happy without being yourself.

Even though my house is home, camp is my home away from home.


Caribou Essay

   A Trip Into The Woods

Reflecting, Overcoming Fear, and joy


Don't give in to your fears. If you do, you won't be able to talk to your heart.

~Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

It was Sunday night, I was tossing and turning, throwing my pillow at the wall. I was not excited for this trip. Going to Winslow Maine for two nights with my classmates that I have never been with outside of school. This trip did not seem like it was going to be fun, it seemed awful. I learned that it was quite the opposite. It was great! The trip to Camp Caribou gave me a chance to bond with my classmates before we start an amazing school year. I learned how to find joy in the little things, reflect on events and how to overcome fear.

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