My final 8th grade metacognition

In 8th grade I learned new writing techniques. I learned different ways to write that I hadn’t heard of or seen before. I began to use these different techniques and tried to get a good grasp of each. As I am writing this i think of how far I have come from an 8th grader wanting to just get by to then try to give my all each assignment. I am in my house and it is late and dark outside. The dark clouds I saw today earlier have now disappeared behind a black curtain of a curtain and consuming everything as it moves. Even if you think you can get away from it it will get you eventually. The night sky is one of the things that is guaranteed in life. You can’t know what you will be in life until a certain point, you won’t know how long you will live until you are at the final moment and there is nothing to reflect upon but the memories that have happened the past years. You can’t know what the car you could drive and how long things will be there before they break down. You don’t know if businesses that you have ideas for will work or if they will fail and you won’t know what to do. If you are in a good position on life you have to want to make that certain position better so that you will know how to climb out of a bad situation. You have to have a hunger to improve in something you do everyday. As I finish thinking about this and other things I start to remember when I first saw the friends I knew the year prior as someone who doesn’t want things to change I like to have the same people in my class, family, and life. I then try to change this feeling because I know that eventually people will start to leave your life whether that be through death or a fallout of friendship or even moving away from you and not talking anymore as much as you would. So I try to shed that idea and try to talk to my friends as much as I can when in person because I never know if that one conversation could make a difference in their life or could be the last time I would talk to them. So as I wrap up this writing piece I talk to you and tell you that you have to savor the moments you get with people because you never know when something tragic could happen or if someone could you like could be moving the next day and you talk to them for one of the last times in person. I tried to do that this year and savor each moment I had with my friends and teachers and look forward to seeing what the next years would have for me.

A solitary walk

Through the tree swept cold roads I walked. The wind a sad reminder that winter is gone. The soft chirps of birds slowly whirling around me in a sea of noise. The quietness of a community that used to be so loud and exciting saddened me. I then began to think to the past to football when the air was flying past my face like a jet flying past the sound barrier. I was happy that in a few weeks I wouldn’t have to have zoom calls everyday. I would however be nervous and sad about all my friends that are leaving to go to different schools. 

The power of I



I want a world where I can multitask and be successful. Where I can succeed without stress tearing at my walls everyday. I want my friends to be happy and successful just on the same stride as me. I want them to know that if they need something they can count to me for it. I don’t want to fall out with anyone that I know and have a friendship with.

Writing Piece The Poem Of Reckoning

Through the days of reckoning

My thought had swirled

Into my conscious of this world

In many days I felt the sorrow 

But I knew that there would always be tomorrow.

Stuck in my house for the rest of days

I could not eat or look for glaze

This would be my final message 

As it was the days of reckoning.



Music mentor

By Garrett Lanagan


A band I like is Gorillaz. I remember finding some of there music a while back and instantly liked it. It helps me get through homework and other chores. My favorite song Clint Eastwood makes me just a little happier. It gets me through tough times and just helps me.

The power of music

By Garrett Lanagan 


Music helps me get ready for sports. It can help you calm down. Music is important to my family. My mom and aunt used to sing in a choir. We all love music and love to sing. If a song comes on that my mom and sister know they will sing. We all think music is important. It can help you calm and relax it can also pump you up and get you into a mood.