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Herman Melville Writing-Style

My Imitation of Melville’s Style


Call me Ishmael

-Herman Melville


       Call me Michael.  Alas, as my wont, I arrived back at Fenn with a few minutes to spare before the dull customs of an orthodox school day.  As I mentioned before, I had some time, so I decided to make use of this and work on my tedious application forms for Secondary Schools.  As I walked in through the main entrance of the Library I saw the perfect armchair to sit in.  It’s checkered shades of red enticed me, as I have a natural tendency toward red.  Apples, cherries, tomatoes, strawberries -- all appeal to me in a specific way.  As for the most former and second to last, their vibrant primary colors of red entices me to these fruits, as I indulge in it for its appearance, while at the same time it returns to me a sweet, tart, delicious flavor.  As for the other two, the appeal is solely in aesthetics, the flavor is not nearly as delightful.  Reverting back the original topic,  I was prepared to do work.  Alas, once I opened my electronic device, a despicable individual took the nerve to distract me.  Lukas his name, obsessed with odd jokes, was in a desperate situation.  As usual, he had not finished his homework from the night prior, and he turned to me for guidance.  This was his norm, he never finished his work on time, yet he procrastinated.

        “Lukas, get away from me I’m trying to work.”

        “Shut up Michael.” he said, in an exaggerated voice,

        “You’re not funny.” I replied, and walked away.

I had survived him this time round, but I knew he was the only barrier standing between me and academic glory.


How I Respond in New Situations

How I Live My Life


As for me, I am tormented with an everlasting itch for remote things.

Herman Melville, Moby Dick


        How one responds in new situations shows character.  For me, I generally fail to react positively when introduced to a new climate of people and backgrounds.  I usually sit in the back, unnoticed, not going out of my comfort zone.  I never feel an incentive to be outgoing in these situations, and I usually let everything come to me, rather than interjecting or conversing with someone in different and new situations.  I find a tranquility and sanctity within myself and my own course of thought. My introverted self is largely evident when I am at Church School.  I don’t say much, I just sit in my chair, waiting for the hour and thirty minute session to end.  It’s a group I have little or no connection or knowledge of; I have no urge to converse or engage with anyone. I was leaning back in my chair, drowning out all sources of noise, thinking of how many more chapters of Moby Dick I had to read, when a fellow student asked me a question on our reading.  I looked up, dazed.  I could not process a single word she said as my brain was deep in thought.  After asking her multiple times to repeat the question, I stumbled across the answer.  It was embarrassing — a simple question like that shouldn’t have had such an extravagant response.  Often, it takes a while for me to be comfortable enough within a community or group of people to be my true self and not a complete introvert.  Naturally, I am introverted, but this experience taught me a lesson to not let being thrusted into different situation completely affect how I live my life.



Ignorant and Happy or Wisdom?

Wisdom Results in Eternal Happiness


Ignorance is a poison that kills love, friendship, and all of the good feelings.


        Given the choice between being happy and ignorant or wise, I would choose wisdom.  To first determine this answer, one must identify the definitions of ignorance and wisdom.  They are in many ways antonyms; however, even the literal definitions contradict one another, the implications of ignorance and wisdom can be similar.  Ignorance, according to Merriam Webster, simply means, “A lack of knowledge, understanding, or education.”  An example of ignorance would be me talking about the Japanese Baseball League, as I know nothing about it.  Wisdom, according to Google is,  “The quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgment.”  I have wisdom on how to get though eighth grade.  I’ve lived through that experience, know about it, and know the do and do nots of it.  After analyzing the definitions and literal meanings of ignorance and wisdom, I can conclude have wisdom is better than being ignorant and happy.  Although one may argue ignorance shields the wickedness of the world and therefore results in happiness, I believe wisdom leads joy, eternal happiness.  When one has wisdom or experience and understands how people and the world work, they know the keys to real happiness and therefore lives accordingly.  If an ignorant person who happens to happy lives through life without knowing the the evils and dangers of the world, when truthful and actually eye-opening experiences are presented, pain and hatred will replace those once-happy feelings.  As someone once said, “Ignorance is a poison that kills love, friendship, and all of the good feelings.”  I would rather know the evils and pain of the world so when situations that involve these bad things are brought up, I am prepared and not let down by a false sense of serenity and happiness in the world.