Walden Response #3
Power of Place

Journaling About Place

My Experience Outside


Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.

-Albert Einstein


        shield my eyes from the blinding light of the sun.  I don’t come out in the backyard a lot; I have become unfamiliar with it.  The green grass, the oak trees, the dirt-covered hill, all paving the way to memories of the past.  As I sit on the sun-covered bench, contemplating when I should go inside for lunch, it strikes me how disconnected have become with nature.  I used to play outside practically every day, long before other distractions began consuming my life.  As a subtle breeze encompasses my face, memories from playing outside when I was younger flood my mind.  The sheer joy of making snow angels in the freezing, puffy snow, the excitement of dancing in the cool, plentiful rain, the anticipation before diving into a pile of brilliant red and orange colors, on a crisp fall day.  Maybe I should spend more time outdoors, as the memories it makes are endless...