Journaling About Place
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Power of Place

        My Place of Peace


You’ll never find peace of mind until you listen to your heart.

-George Michael


        Everyone needs a place of peace.  As I sit in the back corner of the Fenn School library, the sound of silence engulfs me.  Relative silence in the library is all I need after a stressful and long day of work.  I need a place to have time to reflect and think about the events of my day.  So often I can swept away by the different aspects of life (schoolwork, grades, extracurriculars, etc.), I need time to settle down.  I was tired, stressed out from an intense day of school work.  I needed a place to gain composure and unwind.  As I looked around, desperate for an escape from school, I instantly thought of the library.  I speed-walked over to my favorite part of the library, the back corner.  I put down my backpack and sat down on the spotted orange-red armchair, right next to the large window.  The isolation and comfort prompted a sense of peace and relief that everything would be okay.  So often I get carried away and stressed out from life.  I put a lot of pressure on myself to have good grades and do well in my classes, so when I don’t do well it creates an unwanted level of stress.  I need a place to reflect about the more important aspects of life.  I need a place to relax and not think about grades.  Everyone has a place to themselves, what’s yours?