Walden Writing Prompt #1
Walden Writing #2

Seasonal Haikus


Fall Poems




I grab the rake and step outside,

The oranges and reds blind me,

I need cider. 


Twenty apples,

Filling the bag to brim,

Ready to be devoured.


Give thanks,

We are so fortunate,

Something that needs to be remembered.


I see the target,

I jump,

Leaves go everywhere.


I enjoyed writing these poems as it stretched me; fall isn’t my favorite season and I don’t find it that enjoyable to write about.  However, in the end it made me a better overall writer who could put his thoughts into words, regardless of the topic.  I used image on image plus twist and the image on image plus cool twist for these poems.

Winter Poems




It entices me,

I’ve just returned from outside,

I’ll add some marshmallows.


One snowball,

One massive snow ball,

Frosty the snowman. 


I rush downstairs,

Filled with excitement,

Gifts under the tree. 


Celtics playing,

Causing sweat out of nerves,

If they lose Christmas won’t feel right.


Writing these poems were truly an enjoyable experience as winter is my favorite season.  In my poems I write about my favorite aspects of this season.  Watching basketball, drinking hot cocoa and playing in the snow and Christmas all make the season enjoyable and special.  I used the image and image plus cool twist.


Spring Poems


Hanging long,

Distributor of food,

A luxury humans don’t have.



Life source of all living things,

Don’t go.



Outside the school,

A large shadow swallows the white building,

Destroying the warmth.


Young tree,

Come back sprouting green,

Our well-beings depend on it. 


I enjoyed writing these poems as spring brings to me a sense of serenity and peace.  I used the image in image plus unexpected twist as well as the image on action plus cool twist.  Although I enjoyed writing about this, I found this season had the least amount of topics or areas to talk about which made the writing process more difficult.  However, in the end it will make us all better writers.


Summer Haikus


The sweet lemonade,

Soothing my parched throat,

On a hot July afternoon. 


I reach for the peach tree,

Holding sweet gems,

Finished in five bites. 


The cold water petrifies me,

But the scorching heat is my downfall, 

Do I jump?


I look into the July night, 

I see Saturns Rings,

Looking right at me.



Writing the summer Haikus are enjoyable because there is so much to write about in the summer.  To illustrate the summer I used the image on image plus unexpected twist, the image on action plus cool twist, and the narrowing and expanding.  The narrowing and expanding technique was my favorite to use because I thought is was cool to write about how interconnected the universe is.  It’s important to write about things like this that otherwise may go unwritten.