Group Sonnet

Slam Poem on Education in America

Education in America



You’d think it’d be a right in America,

But lack of resources plagues students,

From urban to rural schools,

They don’t have the books,

They don’t have the money,

They don’t have the resources

To give these kids what they deserve,

A quality education.

How can society produce productive workers

If some don’t have the same resources and climate to thrive?

Education is the key to opportunities,

Does America not want their own to succeed?

So rather than greedy government officials

Prioritizing their own money and time over the 

Well-being of others,

They could help and improve the situation that is






If they focused on improving public education resources

We would be living in society

That gives more of a level playing field for everyone.

That creates a positive environment for all learners.

That fosters leaders and innovative thinkers,

That gave back to communities.

There would be no more teacher strikes,

Which has proven to be necessary.

So next time I complain about how much I hate this notebook

Or that textbook

Or that teacher,

I’ll remember there’s thousands

in America alone who would give the world,

To be in the reverse situation,

I’ll remember the thousands,

Held back,

Because of the lack of resources.

We have to be part of a society

That gives everyone a chance.