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If You Were to Have a Refilling Bowl, What Meal You Make it Serve You?

    I finally found it: the automatic refilling bowl. Now, I just need to figure out what I want it to refill with. I got it! Spaghetti bolognese, my favorite meal. In case you guys do not know what a bolognese is, it is a delectable three meat sauce. It is delicious. Most of the time, the pasta is good as well, but without a good sauce, the dish is ruined. The meal is especially complete when the spaghetti and the bolognese are homemade. What can I say? It is just the best dish in the entire world. Am I a little bias because I am italian? No, it is just facts. Yes, that means that it is better than that double bacon cheeseburger. If I were to have a spaghetti bolognese every single day, that would be amazing. It would be my heaven on earth. I would be so incredibly happy. Just to prove to you how much I enjoy spaghetti bolognese, if I were to make two pounds of it, I would probably finish it in at most two days. That is just by myself. In other words, it is my favorite meal of all time. I know that you are sitting at home saying to yourself, “well wouldn’t you get sick and tired of eating it every single night?” My answer to that question is no. If that does not show you how crazy I go for spaghetti bolognese, then I do not know what does. This is why I would tell my refilling bowl to keep on making me spaghetti bolognese.


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Harry Nerrow

Christopher, although I don’t like spaghetti bolognese nearly as much as you do, it certainly sounds awesome when you describe it. Good job getting into great details about this Italian dish. 👏.

Wade Clark

I like how you really gave good reasons why you would make your bowl have infinite spaghetti bolognese. And you clearly put thought into it.


Chrissy L, this is quite the tale. I loved the description and rich detail you provided, even though now I want to go have a bowl of bolognese and it’s still the morning. The humor was great and all around a fun piece to read.

Niko Weaver

Your writing really expressed your love of bolognese. You definitely made it clear to the reader that you could eat bolognese all day, every day.

Luke Rainis

I really liked how much detail you went into on your favorite meal. The way you describe it really makes me want to try it, and I will definitely try to soon. Great detail and word choice, bravo!

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