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The Power of Choice


           Life is filled with choices, but some choices can affect your life much more than others. I’ll admit, many of the choices I’ve made in my fourteen years haven’t affected me much. Coming to Fenn wasn’t a choice, it was the logical decision and besides that, whether I have ham or turkey for lunch doesn’t really affect me, but as my years at Fenn come to a close, the opportunity to make a choice could present itself very soon. As I draw closer to my next school, It becomes evermore apparent that in three days, I will know if I’ll follow in my sisters footsteps and get the education that my parents want for me or go to public school. That begs the question though, do I want to go to these schools (assuming that they be so kind as to accept me) and risk deciding, after paying tuition that the school isn’t right for me. Has the months of waiting, anxiously pouring over essays, details papers on my experience with beekeeping and how my dad is an amazing role model for me, been worth the possibility to get into a school that could possibly be the worse thing I’ve ever done for my career. Will I leave the people that I love and that have supported me and find others, or will I be alone during a vulnerable period of my life. Through the months, the sleepless nights and through these final days, I will continue working hard; moreover, I will keep a positive attitude; finally, when the time comes to make my decision I will make it with confidence. For me, decisions can often be daunting, but in times like these it helped me to remember, it’s not the decision that matters, it’s what you make of it.