Chapter Six Reflection
Chapter Eight Themes

Friend paragraph

Good Times with Friends

E8DAD758-1CFA-4CD0-9F7F-6D56B81C4879The Power of Dumb Fun

      Sometimes a bit of dumb fun can bring people closer together. It was behind the door to my friends room where me and Owen Omally learned this. Me and Owen had always been good friends but had never really gone through much together. Unfortunately as the tides of a small war located entirely witting one house changed, we were about to go through some major shit. In this war there were two sides, Jerry’s and Bodes. We were on Bode’s side and had been winning until Elliot staged a coup. Now as we sat across from each other in the dark, listening to the footsteps slowly approaching from down the hall we nodded at each other. On the count of three it all came apart. Nerf guns blasting we threw open the doors. It was four against two and we were immediately outgunned and taken to the basement for trial. It was a short one, and we were both found guilty of crimes against the new republic but they were dropped pretty soon after pizza arrived. All in all it was a pretty silly experience but that didn’t really matter to me. We were having fun In stupid ways and that’s all that really mattered to me; having fun with friends. It’s experiences like these that have cemented memories of dumb fun with friends into my head.