English Exam Paragraph Essay

English Exam Metacognition

End Of Year Metacognition

Days of Reflection




       I often find myself in situations where I don't know why I'm there or what I should expect from it, but when I do find myself there I usually stick to the same advice, "fake it till you make it". In many ways my eight grade experience exemplified this advice. The year started out on a high note with Windsor mountain, a trip that I feel impacted all who attended. When walking into my first class I wasn't sure what to expect, but judging from what I had heard about my new teacher, Fitz, I was guessing it was going to be pretty good. As the first few weeks settled in I immediately felt comforted by the class. We actually were writing in the first few classes, not just reading along to a lame book that nobody enjoyed, actually writing, usually about whatever we wanted. It was heaven.

       When we finally started reading partway through the year, I was surprised, it was challenging but not boring. Tom Sawyer definitely opened the door for the rest of the year. Th year carried on following what I said earlier, providing challenges that were accomplishable but still made me work for my grades. 

       During this year, there were times where I feel that I could have done myself several favors. A lot of times during this year, I had no idea what I should do with myself so I did everything. Soccer, Scouts, school, it added up. I would go days without getting enough sleep, desperately staying up, trying to do my work, only to be further behind the next day. I was faking it and barely making it. It took me a while, but I was starting to realize that I needed help. I started talking to my teachers more. Seeking extra help and actually getting sleep. It was a tough process but one that I needed and it definitely helped improve my academic performance in all my classes including English.

       During this year, my writing has definitely improved. Last year my biggest problem was my long rambling pieces with no aim or power behind them. Having a constant supply of rubrics and writing sheets this year helped give me direction and the power behind my words. My analytical reading has also improved this year with my new note taking strategies that I can use while reading.

       Outside the classroom this class has helped me not only with my application essays, but also with my interpersonal skills. When doing interviews I could better formulate sentences by planning ahead what I was going to say. It was weirdly like writing in real time. This also helped in coordinating my Eagle Project through emails and while writing my project proposal. 

       This year was a tough one, but not an unpleasant one. My skills grew along with my confidence. I made some new friends and as I now leave the Fenn school, I can say goodbye knowing that this past year has been one of the best.