Weekend poem

Western Front Metacognition

All quiet metacognition 


       I’m not going to lie to anyone reading this and say that I have even an inkling of an idea of the pain, suffering, and dedication soldiers devote to their country and their comrades in war, but if the events in All quiet on the Western Front are even close to what real people have experienced, then I firmly believe that everyone on earth should read this book. 

       Reading this was hard. It was a gruesome detailed book, but it’s details of said pain at necessary.  After reading this, one doesn’t often just stop thinking about the events depicted, or

at least I didn’t. When people use the cliched yet everlasting “if we do not learn from history, we

are doomed to repeat it” All Quiet On the Western Front exemplifies such history. So we must learn from books like these, so that things stay quiet on the Western Front.