A New Beginning


How the eighth grade has begun



So far 8th grade has been pretty good. I feel like it’s gonna be a good year but not as good as I expected it. I think the work level just spiked up a ton without really expecting it. If there were a better buildup to this year than it probably would be better because I would know the actual amount of work instead of people just saying stuff like “there’s a little more work.” 

Spanish class sounded horrible on the first two days but now it’s alright and I think I’ll do good in it. I’m still getting used to science class because I’m still not 100% confident in calculating density and all that stuff, but it’s been pretty good so far. English has been great although I feel we are doing many things at once and I’m confused sometimes because I don’t know whether to be on a pages document writing about family or if I’m supposed to be on the Fenn voice or typepad posting something on my blog. I just think it would be better if we did one thing at a time. 

I think math is gonna be pretty good for me this year. I started off the year pretty rusty not getting the best grades on homework but after these first weeks I’ve gotten back into the routine and I’m understanding the topics a lot easier than I did in the beginning. 

Justice Without Borders is still kind of odd. Not just the name of it but the actual class. I don’t really know how this class is gonna go throughout the year. We started learning about human rights and what they are and then we started learning about the United Declaration of Human Right and the different articles, which we did a project on. That class is ok I just don’t really know where it’s gonna go. Now video. Like many other people my arts class is my favorite out of them all. It’s just so different from a normal class. We had our first class where we watched a movie and learned the different filming techniques used to make a good film like the movie. 

Our first project was to make a 90 second film in one take. You could have different clips but each clip could only be filmed one time. After we finished the project we watched them all together and laughed at them together. It’s just a really good time. And I think one of the main reasons it’s so good is the teacher. Mr. Wachs just knows how to make a class fun and enjoyable while still learning at the same time and I think that is something very hard for teachers to do but credits to all the teachers who at least try to make it fun. 

So yeah 8th grade has been fun but it’s a lot harder than people said it was, and what I expected it to be.



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