The Power of a Cottage

How one cottage can get rid of all worries


“Its nice finding that place where you can just go and relax” - Moises Arias


Some places in our lives are just like no others. It only took a cottage in New Hampshire to get rid of all my worries. My grandmother owns a cottage in New Hampshire. I visit it twice every summer. It is my favorite place to go because while I’m there, nothing worries me. There is nothing to get stressed about. Just me and my family relaxing. While my family and I are at my grandmothers cottage on the New Hampshire coastline in Hampton, nothing can go wrong. It’s summertime and I am worry free. I just get to sit down on the and relax. My family and I had just arrived at the cottage. We finish unpacking and it’s around 2:15pm. The air is cool and there are no clouds in the sky. It’s like heaven. I walk inside and the smell fills my head with memories of visiting this place many years ago and all the good times I had there. It’s just impossible to not have a good time there. As I sit down on the couch I just start thinking. And not one time have I thought a negative thought there. All of my worries just flew away. It didn’t matter if it rained. It didn’t matter if someone messed something up. And it didn’t matter if something didn’t go as planned. All that mattered is that we were in our happy place. Where there was nothing to stress over or worry about. So whether it’s big place like town or a small place like house, there is always a place where worries are gone and you always feel happy.




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