The Power of Family

The Power of Mom

How my mom helped me through a tough time


“Soon You’ll get better”- Taylor Swift



It is our mothers that helps us through the worst parts of life. When my father was sick, it was my mother that helped comfort me to make sure I was okay. After my father had been diagnosed, my mother was the first one to make sure I was ok and that I wouldn’t get too sad. My mother was the one who had to tell me about my fathers disease. I was in my house just trying to get some work done. She immediately comforted me after telling me to make sure that everything is okay. She cared for me so much to the point where I didn’t have to worry anymore.

        My dad was starting to act a little different than other times. As time went one it got worse. After many hours of doctors appointments and him having to retire from his job as a mailman they found out what he got. My mother didn’t tell me until a couple weeks after. I asked what he had and she told me the news that he had a “sub-type of Alzheimer’s.” I didn’t know what to say at first. I was so confused. All I could think about was “is that the same as normal Alzheimer’s? What does sub-type mean?” She came to me and told it was okay and how it wasn’t deadly. She explained everything to me and it made me feel a lot better. Now that she made me feel okay and that he’s been taking medications we recently got the news that he has gotten a little better. I couldn’t be happier. If my mother hadn’t comforted me I would probably still be worried and that is the true power of family.

Although I know he won’t 100% recover. Although he isn’t the same as he used to be. And although there were monsters in my head telling me how things wouldn’t get better. My mother was there for me. To comfort me. And now he’s recovering. Little by little. No matter what mothers will always care for you, no matter how bad the situation, they will always be there. Even if you aren’t with them all the time.





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