The Power of Family

Windsor Mountain

The lessons that only one trip taught me


“Come together”- The Beatles



When I entered the cafeteria to the mumbles of some 70 classmates of mine. I saw them crowding around something, no, they were crowding around someone. Someone who was on they ground. I was getting closer and the mumbles starting forming into words. They were talking about how this someone had been trying to climb the rope and reach the top for a while. As I started  to enter the crowd I saw that someone sitting there. It was a friend of mine, his name was Panha. A couple of people came over to motivate him. Than all of the sudden he sprang up onto the rope. Nobody was expecting it. Most of us at thought that he had quit because he looked so tired. But because we all realized how much this meant, we all came together as a group and cheered him on. This was enough motivation to get him all the way to the top. My experience at Windsor Mountain taught the important lessons of how far we can go coming together as a group, and how bad things get better.

If people come together as a group nothing is impossible. We helped out an innocent struggling classmate of ours because we came together. When we came together as a group, we knew that his struggle would be no more, and that he would succeed. I knew from the second he hopped on that rope, that because we were strong enough as a group, we would succeed in our goal to get our friend to the top of the rope and hit the wooden beam. It didn’t matter that he was struggling. It didn’t matter if he failed one more time, and it didn’t matter that a couple of people weren’t joining in. The part that really mattered was that majority of us had the heart to come together and celebrate something so small, yet so special.

But however not all experiences can be positive ones; in fact, we have to face disappointment in life many many times. I had a very disappointing moment at Windsor and it went like this: I had just gotten to the waterfront for the second time during the trip. I had my GoPro with me so I could capture every special moment. I hung out at the main part for a little to get used to the water. When I was done I headed over to one of the most popular areas at the waterfront—the rope swing. It was very crowded there so I had to wait for a little bit. But while I was waiting is when I thought about how cool it would look if I filmed it on my GoPro. So I grabbed my GoPro, attached the head strap to it, and put it on my head. When I got back the line had gone done a little so I climbed up to the top. After a couple of people went it was finally my turn. I was so nervous not knowing what was gonna happen when I released the rope after I swung down. So without hesitation, I jumped. I held onto the rope very tight. My feet hit the water and got me off track. I let go of the rope and totally back-flopped into the water. I reached the surface and started heading back to shore. I heard a couple of kids saying something to me but I couldn’t understand. But when I got got to shore that’s when I made out the words. “Your GoPro is gone.” As soon as I heard that I instantly started getting nervous. There were so many emotions going on. Some telling me that I was gonna find it, and others telling that I was screwed and that my parents were gonna kill me. I got some one to try and see if they could find it by diving down into the water to find it, but they were not successful. So after trying so hard I eventually gave up. I was so disappointed that for the rest of the time I had, I just sat in my cabin alone. Thinking in my head and playing cards with myself. When the trip was over I came home to tell my parents the disappointing news. I was expecting them to flip out and yell at me, but part of me was saying that it was going to be alright. So when I told them, the positive part of me was right. They were telling me how it was going to be alright and how it got lost being “used in its proper way.” But in the end things turned out alright. 

 We all get disappointed. Sometimes it’s more hurtful than others. That was one of my most disappointing times. When I lost my GoPro, I was so disappointed I felt the world was gonna end when it so obviously would not, and that friends and family will always be there helping me and supporting me. I was disappointed to the point that I didn’t know how my life would continue, but because family is so supportive my life is now continuing normally. Although I lost an expensive item, Although people were putting me down and saying how my parents would kill me. And although I felt the world was gonna end. It didn’t. And sometimes you just have to know that. That things will always get better no matter what. And if I can get through it. Than anyone can. So don’t spend so much time being disappointed, and look at how things will get better. A lot better.

Windsor Mountain showed me many things I thought I would never see. People coming together, and how some of our sad times can become a lot better.




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