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The Beauty of Nature

How I got to witness how awesome nature is, just by kayaking


“Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads” - Henry David Thoreau


       Nature is truly stunning. I witnessed myself how beautiful nature is. When I went to a nature camp over the summer, I got to see for myself how cool nature is by going kayaking.
       Over the summer, I went to a nature camp in Bolton for one week because I feel that where I live I am not exposed to enough nature, and that I should get a better idea of what this world really is.

       When I was at the camp, I was lucky enough to have access to kayaks. Although there were daddy long legs, (which I am really afraid of,)  all over the kayak, I brushed them off and took my kayak down to the pond. Once I reached the pond I had to bring my kayak down a very small, but steep hill. Once the kayak was at the bottom, I hopped in and pushed myself out into the pond with my paddle. Once I was about 15 feet into the lake I started seeing fish of all kind. Some were traveling in schools and some were just having fun by themselves. Even farther out I saw even more things. There was a small island with some trees on it that had a beaver lodge on it. I started kayaking through a bunch of other plants that were on the surface of the water, occasionally there would be little areas where you could see through the plants, in one of those areas I saw two tiny little turtles chillin in the water as if they were rocks sitting on the bottom of the surface. I paddled around even more and looked in the water and saw one really big turtle. So of course, just to be safe, I let it be and paddled away. After enough paddling I went back to shore where I put my kayak away. It was really cool thinking about how all of the animals I saw in there were all part of nature and they all had lives just like us. All the evidence I need to show you how cool nature is right in that one pond.

         We don’t get to see to often how stunning nature is. The pond at the summer camp gave me the opportunity to experience nature’s beauty first hand. It didn’t matter that the camp was for only a week, it didn’t matter that I live in an area without much nature, and it didn’t matter that I had to get rid of some spiders that I am afraid of, it only mattered that I got to experience what this world actually is, and that it is very 

        So the next time you are out in nature, just remember how cool nature is, and how lucky we are to live in a world with it.